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Car lovers have always searched high and low for the very best accessories to use with their car. From fancy air fresheners to music devices – there is always a myriad of products on offer which can enhance the time spent in the car whether it is on short or long journeys. As with most things these days, innovative new technologies have meant that car accessories have gone from strength to strength over the last few years – with all sorts of products coming onto the market from sat nav mats to portable Wi-Fi units.

New for 2013

So, what should you be kitting your car out with this year? This really depends on you as an individual, your family size and the kind of car you use. For example, for those looking for comfort there are all sorts of leather car seat cushions and heated massage cushions now available which could transform your journey into an extremely enjoyable experience. These are reasonably priced on many reader offer sites or through other retailers and can be easily implemented with any car seat.


Perhaps the biggest area of advancement is when it comes to satellite navigation systems or GPS. These devices have now become incredibly state of the art and all sorts of other add-ons and peripherals are also readily available. For example, one can now purchase a sat nav mat which allows you to easily place your sat nav anywhere in your car with great ease. These pieces of kit ensure that your device remains stable even in the event of sharp turns or emergency stops. In addition to this, other units such as the Freedom sat nav pack allow you to pack your valuable item away in a protective case when you are not using your vehicle – this will stop you from attracting thieves.

Stay Dry

One thing that had been particularly annoying drivers last year was the build-up of moisture and condensation that occurred from within the car – especially in the winter months. There are now all sorts of dehumidifiers, heaters and car accessories that now make this a thing of the past. Whether it is through the use of a sponge-like item for your dashboard or a unit that can be installed above the dashboard – drivers can now ensure that their car stays dry as a bone even in the worst weather conditions.

Written by Andrew Hardcastle of Mirror Reader Offers – the Daily Post and Sunday Mirror’s reader offers site. Andrew works a research assistant and likes to write his own reviews to share around the web.