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Which Country Produces The Best Cars?

You won’t get many people agreeing on this, every country’s cars have their good and bad points. Some have more than others, and some are better at producing a certain type of car. It’s unfair to compare countries on a broad spectrum, but pitting them against each other in certain categories is the fairest way to put an end to this endless debate. Perhaps.


The money question, the big hitter; which country makes the best supercar? Simply put, a supercar is a very expensive, very fast car with both luxury and sporting credentials. Italy must win this race, being able to boast Lamborghini, Ferrari AND Pagani production. The pedigree of those three manufacturers is hot enough to burn any competitor into the dust. Purists will argue that the unlikely French produce the best supercar, in the Bugatti Veyron that long held the record for the fastest road car in the world. But the Veyron weighs in at a good chunk over £1,000,000 and is more of a millionaire’s super toy than a super car.


At the other end of the scale, interestingly an explicitly different type of driver, are the cars which are reliable for day to day living. Those concerned with these issues will also probably be those of us (the sensible majority) who only buy used cars. Japan absolutely steal the show in this category. Honda, Toyota, Lexus, Suzuki and Subaru occupy the top five slots in a recent reliability test on used cars. With Mazda coming in at joint sixth with South Korean Hyundai; there’s definitely something in the Far East water which makes these cars the best bet for buying second-hand. The Germans won’t be pleased in losing out on this one.


Many people don’t want a car that can boast top speed or fuel economy; there are some who want their cars to be a rolling extension of their mansions. Those looking for the most comfortable and luxurious rides should surely turn their wheels in the direction of Great Britain. England can’t confess to be a leader in the automotive industry any more, but it knows how to provide extravagance. Both Rolls Royce and Bentley are leaders in their field; Britain can also cater for those who want to burn rubber in style with the exquisitely beautiful Aston Martin.

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