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These days many people are looking to replace their older cars with new ones. That being said, with so many options how do you know which car is best for you?  Doing research can really help you in the long run. Volkswagen has established quite a reputation over the years so let’s look at how they stack up.

Volkswagen Beetle

Undoubtedly the most famous Volkswagen and one of the most iconic cars ever is the Beetle. It even has its own movie in the series Herbie. The Beetle ranks #13 in affordable subcompact cars.  The Beetle offers up three engines with four transmissions and all of them function well.  The turbocharged version is particularly fun to drive. The cabin is spacious for its size and the interior is stylish. It also has an extremely high safety rating but very average reliability rating. It has standard features that include Bluetooth and ipod interface. Of particular note is the option to upgrade to a Fender stereo which sounds great.  The biggest complaint is the tight back seat and limited cargo space. As for fuel economy it earns 22/31mpg. While there is really nothing on streets quite like the Beetle if you want something in a similar class you should take a look at the Hyundai Veloster or Mazda3.

Volkswagen Golf

The Volkswagen Golf ranks number 5 on our list of affordable small cars. The Golf has a stylish exterior and high, quality, spacious cabin. The base model is powered by a five-cylinder, 170hp engine that is powerful for its class and it is also available in a diesel which increases its fuel economy. It has excellent steering and strong brakes as well. However, the biggest complaint is that it is the most expensive car in its class. It also lack some interior storage features and the base model has low fuel economy. It does have a superb safety rating but only average reliability. Both the two and four door models have comfortable front and rear seats.  The base model gets 23/33 mpg. If you don’t like the Golf but want something similar then you might consider a MINI Cooper or Ford Focus.

Volkswagen Passat

The Passat is another well know Volkswagen and it ranks number 10 on our list of affordable midsize cars. The biggest strength of the Passat is its excellent driving experience. If a shopper is looking for a performance oriented midsize car then the Passat is a great option. It has nimble handling and a fun, engaging drive. It also has a wide selection of powertrains that range from a five-cylinder to a V6 to a four-cylinder turbodiesel that increases fuel economy. The interior is stylish and crafted in upscale materials. Standard features include Bluetooth and an auxiliary audio input while upgrades include sunroof, navigation, rearview camera, satellite radio and push-button start. It also has top of the line safety ratings but only average reliability. The other complaints are the slow-responding navigation system and its higher price than competitors. The base engine gets 22/32 mpg.  More affordable cars similar to the Passat include the Kia Optima or the venerable Toyota Camry or a Ford Fusion from a dealer such as

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