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If you are moving to Texas and want to enjoy the perks of long term car rentals Austin TX auto rental agencies can offer you some great options. There are several reasons why you might require to rent a car for a long term period. Perhaps your regular vehicle is in the shop, you need a different or larger vehicle for a short project, or you need to go on a long cross-country drive that would wear out your car.

Perhaps you often have to shift for work purposes to different cities and need to have a car to get around. It is not financially feasible to have your vehicle delivered to each new location or to buy a new car every time.

You will find a long term car rental to be more economical

For all the above cases, it is far more economical to opt for a long term car rental instead, along with being more practical too. You can choose the type of vehicle you want to drive, whether it is a sedan, a hatchback, a van, an SUV, or a truck. And, as you will be using it for an extended period, you will get accustomed to it and be able to enjoy more or less the same level of comfort and privacy you are accustomed to when driving your vehicle.

You can get affordable rates with long term car rentals

Along with Loss Damage Waiver discounts, you can also get vehicle swaps, flexible contracts, and more. You will discover that it is much more affordable and convenient to get a long term car rental rather than a short-term lease when you need temporary transportation. First of all, many agencies might balk at a one-month-long lease, and, secondly, if they do agree to it, they will require a thorough credit check as well as a strict lease schedule. There may also be mileage restrictions and a penalty to pay if you cross these.

On the other hand, long term rentals are less expensive and more flexible. Many also offer unlimited mileage if you are renting for the weekend, driving out of state, or traveling cross-border. You can rent for up to a month, three months, six months, or 11 months. Of course, there will be a difference in pricing with these, and you should carefully consider what will bring you the most savings.

Generally, the cost will be lower if you rent for an extended period. When it comes to long term car rents Austin TX auto rental agencies often offer their customers significant discounts, and you will be able to avail of those by signing up for a long term rental.

You can get good discounts with long term car rentals

If you apply for an early hire with long term car rentals Austin TX auto rental agencies may offer you some rather attractive discount rates. Some agencies also have a loyalty plan or a VIP membership, and you should consider getting on those if you tend to require car rentals frequently. Additionally, there may be seasonal or holiday discounts if you apply for a rental during the festivities.

A few things to keep in mind

From customers who have signed up for long term car rentals Austin TX auto rental agencies have some reasonable expectations. The customers must keep an eye on the car odometer and provide the agency with accurate mileage information every 30 days. They must also get oil changes and other necessary maintenance work done on the car after every 5000 or 7000 miles.

The agency will generally bill you monthly, send you a copy of each month’s invoice, and you can pay by credit card or direct bank transfer.

At the end of the agreed period of the long term car rentals Austin TX auto rental agencies will expect you to deliver the vehicle in good condition to the renting location. If they have agency branches in different places, you can ask them if you can drop the car off at the nearest branch office. If you have rented a vehicle for multiple months, you may also be able to swap it for another one or get maintenance work done.