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Many of us rely on our cars to get to work, to school or to go shopping. Just like any other machine, cars can break down at some point or another and will require some repairs or replacement for some car parts. Unfortunately, car parts can be expensive and in order to cut costs down, we simply need to be resourceful and look around for second hand or used car parts. Used car parts can be as good as new ones as long as you are just careful when shopping around for them. There are various ways you can purchase used car parts at bargained prices without having to compromise on their quality.

How You Can Buy Used Car Parts

In order to get quality car parts, it is essential that you know how to find them and make a wise selection.

Decide If You Can Have Used Part As Replacements

You can not always have used parts as replacements. Though some parts can be bought used as low cost solutions, purchasing second hand starters, brake rotors and even alternators may not be the wisest decision.

Determine What You Need

When you go shopping for groceries and other necessities, it is important that you know what you need. This is also important when you go shopping for used car parts. Determine exactly what you need before you shop and always have the old part handy in case you need to compare it.

Ask, Ask And Ask

Any wise shopper will always ask, ask and ask before making a purchase. So do not worry about being inquisitive when you shop. Even expert mechanics used to be amateurs constantly asking questions in the beginning.

Opt For Returnable Parts

There will be instances where you may have purchased the wrong car part in a hurry or despite carefully shopping for the one you need. In this case, returning or replacing the incorrect part is better as you will not have any use for it.

Where Can You Buy Used Car Parts?

There are many places where you can purchase used car parts, but you must always be careful where you do end up purchasing from.

A Mechanic

The best place to find quality used car parts that are still in good condition is from a professional mechanic. In fact, you can even have your car checked to see if the need for a car part replacement is really necessary. If it does need a replacement, you can get the mechanic to do the repairs just to be on the safe side.

Auto Parts Local Store

This is another place you can get various used car parts. However, you must be careful shopping here as there are stores that sell poor quality parts for less which is a risk to your safety on the road.

Online Auto Parts Store

Online shopping has become a trend these days and you can even find used car parts being sold through the internet. Just be cautious when shopping as there are frauds who try to sell damaged or fake car parts at a low price.

Authorized Car Brand Dealer

If you really want to be on the safe side and do not mind the price tag, you can always visit your car brand’s dealer and check if they have used car parts that are still in perfect condition.

Whatever car part you may purchase and wherever you may purchase it always be sure to ask for proof of authenticity and a warranty in case of emergencies.


Valerie Allaine is a freelance writer specializing in car maintenance and car repair by Avenue Wheel Shop. She regularly writes about quality car repairs, how you can do simple repair tasks on your car and other car related topics.