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If you run your own business, especially if you do it all on your own without any employees, you know how necessary it is to take your business with you on the road. This means being able to bring your office with you, including all of your important files and information, as well as contacts. This is just one of many reasons why businesspeople take advantage of the perks that come with mobile devices, like smartphones and tablets that can grab onto an internet connection wherever they go and keep them connected to customers, vendors, and others who play integral roles in the success of their businesses.

Now there is a new way to take your office with you, and it is in the form of technology-infused cars that let you take your work on the road and continue earning the profits you deserve. Below are a few of the types of businesses that can greatly benefit from specific vehicles on the market.

For Florists and Interior Designers

Businesses that utilise teams of workers who visit specific sites to set up and tear down everything from floral arrangements to interior decorations can greatly benefit from the Ford Transit Connect. This vehicle uses a system called Crew Chief to allow business owners to manage their teams while they’re out and about on the road. Thanks to a cellular connection in the car, a business owner can know exactly where his or her team is located, the time that they arrive on location and leave a job site, and if they’re driving safely, which includes using their safety belts and driving appropriately to save fuel, too. The technology even provides the owner the assurance of knowing that the vehicle is being properly maintained.

For Real Estate Agents

Real estate agents will love the technology that is built into the Audi A7. This luxury vehicle comes equipped with a Wi-Fi hotspot right inside, making it extremely easy to connect an agent’s mobile devices to the internet. An agent can connect up to eight different devices to the hotspot at any given time. This means that he or she can accomplish a lot of tasks while on the road, without needing to go back to the office to perform research into properties. For example, an agent driving around with a client can pull up Google Maps while trying to find homes to visit.  He or she can also display particular listings and information on a tablet device. The built-in GPS also makes it a snap to get directions if an agent ever gets lost while helping someone with their house hunt.

For Small Construction Companies

For business owners who run small construction companies or who do a lot of large deliveries throughout the day, they look towards pickup trucks to provide them with the interior and exterior room they require and the power they need. Put simply, the Ram 1500 provides more than enough space to bring the office along, including a charging station for a laptop and a convenient Wi-Fi hotspot.

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