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Now we don’t want to scare you, but did you know that the colour of your car says a lot about you? At least, according to the psychologists it does! You may not have even thought about this but the scientists say that certain people are attracted to certain colours, and this has psychological reasons behind it.

You may have just bought your car because it was fuel-efficient, or it was in a good state of repair, or because you just trust the brand. It may come as a surprise to you that there are apparently deep psychological reasons behind your choice! Here is what your car’s colour says about you.

Fiat X1/9 Rear


The colour red is linked with sensuality, passion and desire. Red comes in all sorts of shades but the brighter the colour, the bolder the driver! Red is also associated with adventure, pursuit, high energy and action. Red car owners like to stand out from the crowd. It’s no surprise then that red is the most popular colour choice on the roads. So if you’ve got a red car then wow – you must be a go-getter!


Blue car drivers are chilled out and calm. It is easier to trust a driver of a blue car apparently(!) as they will be far more collected and less prone to road rage. A darker shade of blue suggests authority and reliability. Blue car drivers are faithful and honest, so if you clock a hot guy in a blue car then go ahead and give him a wink!


Oh hello James Bond! The ultimate colour for power dressers, black means business! Black car drivers come across as powerful and hard to manipulate – they know what they want. They also have a taste for luxury and enjoy fine food, wine and expensive holidays. Black cars say class and style, with perhaps a side order of ‘look at me!’.


Are you a science fiction fan? Silver car drivers tend to be. You can just picture them imagining their car is a little rocket can’t you?! Silver is also seen as a rich colour so it suggests wealth and success. It’s a classy colour too so it gives off more of an air of elegance than showing off. Silver (along with gold) cars tend to be chosen by people that dress well and work hard.


White car drivers (the poor things!) are known as the control freaks. They are the ones that keep everything obsessively clean and tidy as white is very hard to keep presentable. More women than men drive white cars, perhaps unsurprisingly then. They are also seen as incredibly hard to please. We are not making this stuff up!

So what colour is your car and what does it say about you? And perhaps more importantly, what colour car will you go for the next time you are car shopping? We’re not saying it’s all true of course but it may change the way you shop for cars forever!

Ed Smith is a retired car mechanic who now spends most of his time blogging. He has listed some leading manufacturers of Spray booths on his blog.