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Finding a reputable Bedford used car dealership that has the model you want is the first thing you will need to do when seeking to purchase a used vehicle locally. There will be less risk then of ending up with a problematic car that could cost you both in terms of maintenance and safety. However, to ensure you are getting a good deal, you will also need to do some in-depth research on used cars yourself and make an informed buying decision finally.

Here are five things to ask the dealer when purchasing a used car:

1.  What are the used car’s current condition and mileage?

Legally, the Bedford used cars dealer is obliged to give you the correct information about the used car’s general condition. For instance, they need to tell you upfront if the vehicle has any smoke or pet-related damage, fluid leaks, chipped or cracked glass, or rust perforation. Even if a used car looks almost new, it may have dysfunctional cruise control, signal, windows, or locks. Perhaps the catalytic converter and the rear defrost aren’t working, and the wheel treads are worn. A car can have a lot of hidden issues, and you need to know about those before you buy it.

Along with getting details from the dealer, you ought to check the car condition yourself and also get your regular mechanic to give it a thorough look-over. Additionally, ask the dealer to verify the car mileage.

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2.  Is it a certified car, and has it been updated or fitted with replacements?

The used car will be more valuable to you as a buyer if it has undergone any interior and exterior refurbishment. For instance, if it has been repainted, fitted with new tires, and fixed with brake replacements, you won’t have to spend money on updating the vehicle any time soon. So, ask the Bedford used cars dealer to provide you with an accurate and detailed record of the work done. They should also certify that the changes meet industry standards and that the car is safe to be on the road.

3.  Can you show me the vehicle history report?

The vehicle history report is something you need to see before making your purchase. It contains crucial information about the car’s registration history, its accident history, and its lien status. You can also find out if there have been any incidents of recalls for unfixed safety issues with the car model you want to buy.

4.  Can you show me the vehicle service record?

A vehicle service record will show the maintenance work done on the used car in the past. For instance, if the vehicle has had oil changes or replacements of batteries, windshield wipers, engine air filters, or spark plugs, you will find it in the service record. You can also find out if the car ever had its wheels properly aligned, or its timing belt changed. Such regular maintenance can ensure that the vehicle is in good condition and will not break down too often.

Additionally, by looking over the service record, you can get an idea of how often you will need to take in the car for maintenance and how much you will have to spend on it. That will help you to figure out if it will be a sound financial decision to buy the car or not.

5.  Can you tell me about your financing terms for this vehicle?

Many Bedford used cars dealers can offer car financing to customers who might require it. Find out what is the highest loan amount they can give you, what documents they need for verification and submission, and if they can offer flexible or fixed EMI plans. You can then compare their loan terms and rates with those offered by your bank, credit union, or other lending institution. That will enable you to get the best available loan terms for buying the used car.

Purchasing a used car can be complicated. While the law requires dealers to provide you with correct information about the available used cars in their lot, some of them may not volunteer it. And that is why you must know the right questions to ask.