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With true blend of utility, safety, and affordability, Honda CR-V is a car of a kind. In case you own this world-class car, you should be very cautious about handling it with proper care. Just like any other car, Honda CR-V also has some fragile parts too!

Amongst all the fragile parts, Honda CR-V tail lights probably rank at the top. The Honda CR-V tail lights are fitted at the rear end of the car which makes them prone to damage. However, once broken or damaged, the Honda CR-V tail lights are needed to be replaced as soon as possible because tail lights play a pivotal role in maintaining the safety of the car and its passengers.

In case you are a do-it-yourselfer when it comes to maintenance of your car, you may find the task intimidating at times. When you leave replacement of some of the tough parts for the professionals to take care, some other parts such as Honda CR-V tail lights you may wish to replace on your own. Let’s make the replacement task an easier one for you. Read the steps below and see how easy it is to replace the Honda CR-V tail lights:

Step 1

In order to replace Honda CR-V tail lights you need to first remove the keys from the ignition and ensure your safety by engaging the emergency brake.

Step 2

Go to the back end of the CR-V and remove the rear bumper.

Step 3

Cover the tail lights cover with a piece of cloth and block the cover’s edge with the tip of a flathead screwdriver and pull it away from the rear pillar.

Step 4

With a screwdriver remove the mounting screw from the Honda CR-V tail lights assembly. Loosen the screw and take out the Honda CR-V tail lights assembly away from the car.

Step 5

Now remove the three nuts and screws on each Honda CR-V tail light. Then loose the black brackets that you will find under each of the tail lights. To remove the bulb from the socket, twist and turn the bulb one-quarter anticlockwise. Now pull the bulb out of the socket and once it is in your hand, dispose it.

Step 6

Now place the new bulb into the socket and twist the socket back into the tail light housing. Tighten the black bracket in place.

Step 7

Check the turn signal to make sure it’s working. If it works properly, replace the tail light cover back onto the assembly and close the tailgate.

Remember to wear rubber gloves while changing the Honda CR-V tail lights bulbs because in case the bulbs get debris or dirt from your fingers, it may explode after reaching full operating temperature. However, before initiating the replacement process of Honda CR-V tail lights, make sure you have gone through the user manual. In case you are not confident of replacing the tail lights on your own, take the help of an auto parts mechanic.