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If you have ever watched the television show: ‘Road Wars’, you will know that there are a lot of motorists out there who are driving without insurance.

Insurance is something that all drivers should have: some uninsured motorists try to convince police officers that they have insurance: a number of them even produce a certificate, only for the officers to contact the company and then be told that the policy has been cancelled due to non-payment.

If you drive without insurance, you risk receiving 6 – 8 penalty points on your licence and a fine: there is also the possibility of your car being seized.

This article will look at some of the cars on the market today which could save you money on your insurance:

Chevrolet Spark

The Chevrolet Spark is one of the cheapest cars to buy; yes there is a lack in performance, however this could be forgiven due to the cheaper insurance rates that you could receive for driving this car.

Citroen C1

Not only will this 1.0L, 3-cylinder run-about give you an average 61.4 mpg; you will also save on your insurance.  When this car was introduced to the market by Citroen it was labelled: “our small car with big ideas for city driving”.

Vauxhall Corsa Hatchback

Yes, this car is popular with younger drivers; however that is no reason to dismiss the possibilities of saving money on your car insurance.

Not only is it cheap to buy, but you will get 67.3 mpg for diesel engines and 45 mpg for petrol engines (except for the 1.6 turbo model).

Ford Fiesta

The new Ford fiesta is officially the UK’s best seller and is a fantastic, fun car to drive.  With a wide range of clean engines, it should be cheap to run, although it is not as spacious or versatile as its competitors.

The ford fiesta has sold more than 15 million cars since it was launched 36 years ago.  A new model is due to be released in January 2013: with its hi-tech features and some minor cosmetic changes, this car is sure to attract a new set of drivers.

Insurance is a requirement by law, if you are found driving without insurance you will likely pay a heavy price for not having insurance.

It is not only a fine that you have to worry about you also need to worry about other drivers on the road if you are in an accident and it was your mistake that caused the accident you will be left with a bill from your garage or even worse having to buy another car if your is beyond repair.

Grant Kerr is an HGV driver who always makes sure that his HGV insurance is up to date; he cannot understand why so many drivers are prepared to risk driving without insurance.