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Are you planning to set up an impressive sound system for jeeps that fully meet your requirements?
Well, building a complete audio system for your jeep isn’t hard as you think. However, it can be a challenging process especially if you’re a beginner. You will have a myriad of possibilities and configurations to choose from.

So, where to begin? Read on to find out.

Determine What You Need

Figure out what you need before putting a step forward. It all depends on your expectations.

Do you want just a little more bass?

Do you want your nearby people to know you’re coming 2 blocks away?

What is the most important component that you want to feature in your sound system?

Before initiating the process, set your goal first. Determining what you require for your jeep audio system will save you from wasting your hard-earned money.


At first, you need to determine what type of system you want to install and then choosing speakers to maximize their sound reproduction and life span.

Also, figure out the types of speakers you want to add. Is it full-range speakers or component speakers?

Full-range speakers also known as coaxial speakers are a combination of a mid-range woofer and a tweeter in one speaker.

The mid-range woofer provides you the lower frequency sound like a bass while the tweeter gives high-frequency sounds (horns, voice, etc.)

Full-range speakers are equipped with a small crossover attached to the input terminal. It works as a splitter between the high and low-frequency ranges, separating them and providing you a clean low distortion sound from both levels.

Coaxial speakers are inexpensive than component speakers. Also, you would have bass and vocals coming from the same direction.

The component speakers separate the tweeter from the mid-range. This helps you mount in different places.

Like coaxial, component speakers need a separate crossover. It could turn out to be great if you use an amplifier with a built-in crossover.

You can also go for subwoofers which often come under personal preference items. Do you really need it?

Yes, but unless you have it, you wouldn’t know what you’re missing.

A small subwoofer can provide you plenty of deep bass for your jeep. Besides, subwoofers can use frequencies lower than the human ear can hear.

The key things to look for in a speaker include:

● Build materials

● Frequency range

● RMS Sensitivity

● Impendence

● Power handling

Stereo Receiver Unit

The stereo receiver unit is the brain of the sound system for jeeps.

The received you plan to go for should have RVA pre-amp outputs. They will make it seamless to run the wires through your jeep to the amplifier without requiring a wire for every speaker terminal.

Stereo receivers with Bluetooth are often a valuable and common feature. It enables you to use your phone as a stereo. They are typically inexpensive, and they could be a good option if you do not need all the features of an expensive unit.

However, ensure the unit comes with a USB plug. It will help you charge your phone while you drive.

You can also opt for a premium double dual or double dun CD/DVD Bluetooth touchscreen unit to take it to the next level.

Below are some of the key features you should look for when purchasing a stereo receiver unit for your sound system for jeeps:

● Bluetooth compatibility

● Steering Wheel Control Compatibility


● USB Inputs Remote control

● Satellite radio availability

● Customizable Display

● HD Radio & Pandora Internet Radio


● Preamp outputs


The amplifier drives the power to your speakers. It acts as an interface between the speakers and the stereo unit and manages the power of each speaker of your sound system for jeeps.

You should go for an external multiple channel amplifier that provides you the freedom of adding new components as you go. Amplifiers come in various channel variations.

5-channel amps are often the most reliable as it enables you to power the entire sound system for jeeps. On the other hand, 4-channel amps are suitable for powering the front and rear speakers. 5th channel is primarily for powering an external subwoofer.

So, do you have any questions about setting up the sound system for jeeps?