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The Nissan Pathfinder tail lights are groups of lights forming pairs, each of which serves a different purpose, and are fitted at the end of the Nissan Pathfinder. These Nissan Pathfinder tail lights have a major functional importance for the car:

Park/Brake Light – The first type of light in the Nissan Pathfinder tail lights system is the park light, also known as the brake light. These lights form the biggest part of the tail light system and are automatically turned on when the driver presses the brake or turns on the headlights. In some vehicles, the park lights also work as signal to the driver about foggy or rainy weather.

Reverse Lights – A part of the Nissan Pathfinder tail lights function as reverse lights. These reverse lights provide the highest illumination amongst all the tail lights and illuminate when backing. These lights are usually turned on automatically when the vehicle is on reverse gear.

Signal or Turn Lights – Drivers use these signal or turn lights as indicators so that other cars know which way a car is going to turn. Global regulatory standards make these signal lights typically yellow. These lights are also used in times of emergency or hazards.

Like any other car tail lights, the Nissan Pathfinder tail lights are also prone to breakage and damage. The very positioning at the rear end of the car makes Nissan Pathfinder tail lights fragile. However, once broken, tail lights have to be replaced immediately, as presence and usage of the tail lights is mandatory.

Replacing Nissan Pathfinder tail lights is not a tricky job once you learn the steps of replacing. If you are a do-it-yourselfer, read the steps given below and see how easily you can save loads money from wasting at the car service center for replacing Nissan Pathfinder tail lights.

Step 1

To start the replacement process of Nissan Pathfinder tail lights, first, take the keys out of the ignition and ensure your safety by engaging the emergency brake for safety.

Step 2

Go to the back of your car and open the tailgate.

Step 3

To take out the tail light cover, unscrew the two security nuts and then pull the cover out.

Step 4

Find out which one amongst the entire Nissan Pathfinder tail lights system is malfunctioning.

Step 5

Unscrew the bulb by gentle tug or by twisting it anticlockwise.

Step 6

Now with a wire brush and/or wipe clean the connection and then push the new bulb into the empty socket. Push in and turn simultaneously to fix the new bulb properly.


Step 7

Finally test the Nissan Pathfinder tail lights whether they are working properly or not. Make sure all the lights are working. If the lights are working properly, now screw the cover back onto the rear pillar and close the tailgate.

Remember to fix Nissan Pathfinder tail lights on time as using burned out tail lights may require you to pay a hefty fine. However, before replacing Nissan pathfinder tail lights make sure you wear rubber gloves on your hand and have gone through the user manual that came with the tail light package. In case you do not feel confident about replacing the Nissan Pathfinder tail lights on your own, do not hesitate to take the help of professional mechanics.