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If you are a victim of a car accident due to the negligence of another then you will need to hire an attorney to file a claim. But you cannot simply hire an attorney without careful consideration. You will need someone with immense legal expertise in handling cases related to car accident victims.

Here are the qualities of a good car accident attorney.


A good car accident attorney will have proper knowledge of the law for handling car accident cases. Personal injury laws (be it for car accidents or anything else) can differ from state to state. So, the attorney you hire must be well-versed with local laws pertaining to personal injury cases; specific to car accidents.

Your attorney must have the experience of handling cases similar to your own. The attorney you are considering should have not only bookish knowledge about handling car accident cases but also first-hand experience of taking on such claims.

Your car accident attorney needs to have the right qualifications as well.


Your car accident attorney needs to have the compassion to deal with accident victims in the right manner. Without the right dose of empathy, an attorney cannot get the victims the compensation they deserve.

Most car accident victims are battling with their injuries while also dealing with the lawsuit. A compassionate attitude from the attorney can go a long way in helping them. Many attorneys arrange for the right medical help for their clients. They ensure that their client doesn’t need to go through more anguish than they already are experiencing and handle the case for them with the right benevolent attitude.


Your attorney needs to be approachable. You should feel comfortable dealing with your attorney right from the start. The attorney must make you feel comfortable enough to share details about the accident honestly.

You should be able to approach your attorney easily. There is no use hiring an attorney who is always busy to take your calls or answer your queries. The attorney must be polite at all times. The attorney must offer their existing and potential clients a convenient means to contact them.

If you feel wary of approaching your attorney or asking him or her certain questions about the claim then you need to rethink your decision. Perhaps you need to look for a new attorney. But that can derail your case. It is prudent to file a claim soon after the accident. Otherwise evidence can get lost. So, do your due research beforehand itself.

It takes just a few minutes to go through a website. So, read client reviews or social profiles of attorneys to get to know their approach towards their clients.


An honest car accident attorney will not mince words when it comes to the viability of your claim. Perhaps your case doesn’t qualify for a personal injury claim. It will depend on the circumstances of the accident. Perhaps the accident was partly your fault. In such cases, an honest attorney will guide you to take the right legal step. If there will be a legal recourse in your case then a sincere attorney will guide you about it.

An honest attorney will also not shy away from giving you the real picture of the claim scenario. If evidence is lacking in your case then the attorney may not be able to help you much. If that will be the case, an honest attorney will inform you about it. They won’t fill you with false hopes just for the sake of it.


It is important to hire a successful attorney. A successful car accident attorney will have handled many different kinds of cases for victims. Successful attorneys will also have had optimal claim outcomes for the victims.

Most successful car accident attorneys also handle different kinds of claims. So, they become experts in handling problems that can arise out of lawsuit situations. Feel free to ask the attorneys you consult with about their success rate in handling car accident claims. You can also read about such details on a law firm’s website. Many attorneys present such information with due client confidentiality on their websites to help potential clients.