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There might be many reasons why you would like to open your own garage to diagnose and service cars. You might feel you’re specialised enough after all of your years in the motor maintenance industry or you would like to make extra money on the side. If you’re a specialist you might be here to check off your list or as a starter you want to make sure you have everything you need.

We suggest you get the following bare basics:

1.      Jack, trolley jack or lift

Depending on the type of work you will be doing on a car we recommend you get a jack, trolley jack or a lift for the cars you will be working on. If you have the space and time you can even incorporate a service pit.

2.      Containers to dispose fluids in

It’s a good idea to have a system where you can easily dispose fluids (when tapping old oil) or any other kind of debris. A clean garage is an efficient garage.

3.      Blast wall to house tanks

If you have any gas tanks or volatile substances you need to protect them with blast walls. This is essential for your safety, your staff’s safety as well as visiting client’s safety.

4.      Oil filter crusher

This device helps you save money and its saves the environment by compacting oil filters and metal cans. For people focused on carbon footprints it will help your client base if you can add your company to the “staying green” list.

5.      Coil spring compressor

A coil spring compressor is essential when you want to remove and replace the suspension from a car. If you try to remove the strut from the suspension you might be injured by the whiplash of the spring.

6.      Large air compressor and air tools

Air compressors are used in certain car lifts and comes in handy when you want to lift a car fast and efficiently. Buying air tools to inflate tyres is also essential since a majority of customers will come in for repairs on their tyres and wheels.

7.      Complete wrench and screwdriver sets

You can’t go wrong with a wrench set in your garage as you might need to tighten and loosen many nuts and bolts. Be sure to get a lot of number ten wrenches, they always seem to disappear.

Screwdriver sets are just as essential as you’ll be using them with inside car maintenance as well as for the engine.

8.      Power tools

Power fasteners, lamps and lights are essential pieces of a fully optimised and streamlined garage.

9.      Tire Balance/Dismount and Mount machines

Perfect for mounting tyres and taking them off. This will save you a lot of time as well as effort. Tyre balance equipment is also great for those safety checks on your clients cars.

10.  Proper licensed company to dump your waste

Get a certified company to handle your waste as you can be heavily taxed or fined if you don’t handle your waste in an environmentally friendly way.

This is just a small list of what you might need to open your own garage, we wish you all of the best!

Bruce works with a dedicated team who fixes tyres and wheels on a weekly basis. We hope we could help you with your queries!