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Cars can be exciting and they can be thrilling. However, what if you are seeking the ultimate thrill; the kind of thrill that even an Italian supercar cannot provide? Look no further. Here are the 4 most exciting cars that promise to deliver the ultimate thrill.

Ariel Atom

The Ariel Motor Company is small. Not just small by automotive industry standards, but small by any standards you can think off; the company has only 7 employees. Yet, it is responsible for building one of the most thrilling and exciting cars you can get your hands on. The Ariel Atom may look like a bigger fancier go-kart, but has the performance to leave Ferraris and Porsches in its dust. In fact, the little Atom has the same power-to-weight ratio as the Enzo, a Ferrari hypercar. The car brilliantly incorporates the most fundamental principles of automotive engineering and delivers a performance that is unmatched by cars that cost ten times as much. The Atom was built as an alternative to the superbikes most people buy when they are having a mid-life crisis. Indeed, the Atom only costs as much as a motorcycle and is completely road legal.

Carver One

The Dutch are known throughout Europe for doing things differently. The Netherlands is not just known for its windmills and tulips, but also for its hash-bars and famous painters who cut their own ears off. If it something zany, chances are it’s probably Dutch. Remember this when you look at the Carver One for the first time. This three-wheeled two-seater is undoubtedly one of the craziest cars ever built. Yet, it is also one of the most cars you can ever drive. Turning into corners causes the car to lean sideways, which allows you to take the corner at much greater speeds. The car is packed with technology that ensures that it is always balanced and there is no way you can tip it over when taking a high-speed corner.

Caparo T1

If you ever save up enough money to buy a Formula 1 car, you will be disappointed to find out that F1 cars aren’t exactly road legal in most counties. However, there is an F1-inspired car out there which is road legal and is the closest that most of us will ever come to driving a Formula 1 car. The British Caparo T1 looks different from any car that you have ever seen. Built by engineers who know a thing or two about performance sports cars, the T1 is designed to give you the thrill of driving a F1 car when you step outside to grab some milk and bread. Since it is so similar to a Formula One car, it does share some traits with the F1 racers. For example, the aerodynamics of the car makes it very dependent on down-force for grip. This means that in order to take a corner safely, you have to go faster rather than slower.

Bowler Wildcat

If you prefer off-road thrills, look no further than the Bowler Wildcat. Built with the super-tough Land Rover Defender as a base, the Wildcat is perhaps the best off-roading adventure vehicle money can buy. From competing in the Dakar Rally to serving as a research platform for experiments, this tough beast can overcome anything that is thrown in its path. Not only will it help you cross rough terrain, it will allow you to do so at speeds that would usually cause other cars to breakdown. Richard Hammond, from Top Gear, claimed that the Bowler Wildcat made him feel like a “driving god”.

Spending all day at the racetrack in a Porsche or a Lamborghini will definitely make you feel good. But it can never match the thrill of spending 10 minutes with one of these 4 super exciting cars.


James Jones is a stock market analyst who believes that the greater the risk, the greater the reward. He spends his hard-earned money on modifications for his Land Rover and world travel.