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A person who is in the market for a new car needs to make sure they know what they are getting into before they make the purchase. That means that you have to know a lot about your new car before it is actually yours. There are the dealerships which you can ask the questions to or you can do the research online but either way you have to make sure that you understand what everything means and how you can take advantage of everything that you already know.

Miles Per Gallon

With the prices of gas nowadays, everyone is interested in the type of mileage they will get in a new car. You can find this information on the sticker when you go to your Ford dealer or you can check online before you go. Some cars will give you a lot better mileage than others but the new thing that you need to know is that now you don’t have to sacrifice that much power for fuel economy.

Car History In Used Cars

If you are on the market not for a new car but for a used car, the things that you have to check become more important. One of those things that you have to check is the car history, which you can ask your Ford dealer about. The history of the vehicle you are purchasing will tell you a lot about how safe the purchase will be. A car is an investment so knowing everything about it if it will be a smart investment or not.

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Know The Actual Price

In order to know that you can afford a new car, you have to know the actual price that you will pay, not just the monthly payment. If a dealer is insisting about your monthly payment but will avoid the question of the actual price, you may want to keep insisting and not sign anything until you have the actual information. A good Ford dealer will not only give you the actual price, the price of payments but it will also include the price of fees.

Always See The Car In Person

With the internet a lot of people feel that all they need to do is see the car online, click and buy. Unfortunately, that is not ever recommended. The reason is that you have to see the car in person to be sure that you will actually be comfortable in it. Even if you have driven a previous model of the same car from your Ford dealer in the past, you should still drive it in person as changes are made to every model every year.

Hidden Fees

Every single time that you buy a car, you will find that there are some fees that are a bit obscure when you read the paperwork. One of them will be the documentary fee or doc fee. The doc fee is nothing more than safety of the profit in a car in case they can’t sell it. You may want to ask your dealer if the doc fee can be waived or reduced.

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