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Benefits of buying a used car

There are hundreds of used cars available on the market and it is often very easy to quickly find exactly what you are looking for. When deciding what type and condition of car you wish to buy it is worth considering all the pros and cons when it comes to buying a used car /a new car. There are many benefits of buying a used car, many financial and here are just a few of them to look into.

Less Depreciation

New cars are renowned for their huge levels of depreciation. Typically a new car will suffer the most depreciation in the first three years on the road with up to 35% lost in the short period of time. This will therefore mean with a new car you are losing effectively 35 %of the price you paid for the car and more when you consider the interest costs of the car finance. When looked at it from this point of view you can see just how expensive new cars turn out to be. If you buy a car that is 3 years old you still get a relatively new car and the potential to find one with low mileage is there without any of the massive drops in value.

Value for money

As a result of the slower depreciation and of course the cheaper costs for what is almost the same car just a few years older you will of course benefit from the fact used cars are exceptionally great value for money especially as you are not paying a premium for the new factor.

Great Deals

There are great deals for used cars manchester available across the market which is yet another benefit making them a more financially attractive option compared to a new car.


The car’s history can be a benefit, after two or three years any initial teething problems the car may have had will have been rectified. If you choose a car with all of the services and MOTs taking place at an approved dealer you will have an additional level of confidence in buying the car.


Generally the cost of insuring a used car is significantly lower than a brand new car of similar specifications and type.


When buying a used car from an approved dealer the majority of the cars available can come with a warranty period which means that any problems with the mechanics of the car can be rectified by the dealer at no additional cost.

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