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The cost of owning a car has been steadily increasing each year. Petrol costs have risen dramatically, as has the cost of insurance; figures show that insurance costs are much as 60% higher than they used to be five years ago. As more car owners look to tighten their belt during tough economic times, small cars have become a more popular choice for the budget conscious. These cars cost less to buy, cost less to insure and are placed in a lower tax band which greatly reduces the cost of ownership. This article will examine five of the cheapest cars to insure in the UK in 2012.

1.2L Volkswagen Fox – Group One

Volkswagen’s Fox, first introduced to the UK in 2005, is the smallest car available in the Volkswagen range. The 1.2L petrol model falls into the ‘group one’ insurance category, which is the lowest insurance category. The Fox is a barebones car, however, lacking a number of comfortable amenities that can be found in other, more expensive cars in the Volkswagen range. However, a low cost of running, decent performance and excellent fuel economy mean that the Fox is a great buy.

1.1L Fiat Panda – Group One

The Fiat Panda is a small ‘supermini’ class car that fits into the ‘group one’ insurance class. The upfront costs to buy the car are generally less than competitors in its class, while running costs are also low across the board. Unfortunately, the 1.1L petrol engine under the bonnet isn’t very powerful which leads to sluggish performance on the road. The Panda also lacks leg room, particularly in the back seats, which can be an issue for taller passengers.

1L Chevrolet Spark – Group One

American car maker Chevrolet’s supermini, the Spark, is another ‘group one’ insurance category car that commands low insurance rates. The 1L petrol engine powering the car isn’t powerful with a slow 0-60 time, but a high MPG ensures that running costs are kept at a minimum. The innards of the car are more spacious than other superminis, but this space comes at the loss of a decent sized boot. The Spark also has rather unique ‘Americanised’ styling that may displease some potential buyers.

1L Vauxhall Corsa – Group Two

The new 2012 Vauxhall Corsa is a beautiful car. The 1L engine under the bonnet keeps the car confined to a ‘group two’ insurance category while providing over 55 MPG during normal use. The car is also spacious inside with an adequately sized boot. However, while the 1L engine is highly efficient, it’s performance is quite poor with a dismally slow 0-60 time of nearly 17 seconds.

1.4L Fiat Qubo – Group Two

Fiat’s Qubo is the opposite of the Corsa in many ways. The Qubo falls into the ‘group two’ insurance category with a powerful 1.4L engine driving it. The engine delivers speedy performance and high fuel efficiency while the insides of the car are spacious with an adequately sized boot. Many potential buyers may be put off by the Qubo’s unique styling, however. Eschewing the European style of curvy designs, the Qubo features a number of straight lines that make it resemble a cube.


The five cars detailed above are amongst the best in their class. While they are all placed in the lowest two insurance categories, insurance costs may still vary depending on the individual driver and the company providing insurance. Make sure to compare the insurance costs for each car with different insurance providers before making a purchase to get the lowest insurance rates possible.

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