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The BMW X5 was introduced to the American driving public in 1999. This mid-size luxury SUV is BMW’s answer to the demand for large-cargo commuting cars for families, soccer moms, singles, marrieds or anyone seeking a little gravitas with their driving choice. Indeed, the X5 has successfully cross-marketed to several different demographics, making it one of the German auto maker’s most popular and successful offerings. For anyone with an X5 that wishes to give it some personal performance touches or upgrades, there are many product options and upgrades available for the BMW X5 driver. Customize your X5 so it suits your driving needs and purposes and makes it a one-of-a-kind driving experience.


Adding a cold air intake frees up the available horsepower in the BMW X5’s engine. A cold air intake works by filtering the colder and denser air into the engine so it runs at peak capacity and efficiency. The fuel-air mixture for the BMW X5 greatly benefits from the colder air, allowing it to turn up the horsepower, giving the driver a sportier and more powerful driving experience. Dinan brand parts offer a variety of cold air intakes, for each of the models and years of the X5 line-up. Look at the Dinan line of high-flow throttle bodies to enhance and give extra pep to the X5 in addition to the cold air intake options. A cold air intake or high-flow throttle body means the gas consumption goes up in exchange for the improved performance.


The chassis is the base on which the X5 is built. The chassis gives clearance, allows for independent suspension systems and holds the body in position. Dinan offers several upgrade and performance enhancing parts for the BMW X5. One interesting part is a “performance chip”. The BMW X5 operates under a smart system based on a calibrated motherboard. Adding a different “performance chip” to this motherboard means the X5 is now preprogrammed for higher outputs, tighter handling and sportier performance. The downside is that fuel consumption goes up and the X5 performs much more like a sports car and much less like an SUV. For X5 owners in urban or suburban environments who never take the X5 off road, these performance chips can be a great way of squeezing a little extra fun during the daily commute/drive.

Camber plates are a less technical and expensive upgrade that enhance driving performance out of the chassis of the BMW X5. These camber plates are readily available through Dinan’s catalog and are made for each of the BMW X5 models and years. Camber plates reduce under steer and give extra grip when cornering and hitting tight turns.

Drive Train

Adding some brake casters or boots is a fantastic way to enhance performance on a BMW X5. Brakes make you faster. Wait, what? That’s right, brakes make you faster. Effective and high performance brakes allow the driver a greater range of sensitivity in braking, which in turn allows the driver to approach curves and turns at a higher speed. Feathering a good brake right before the turn (never in the turn) gives extra speed to the vehicle, so as counter intuitive as it seems, good brakes greatly improve speed and responsiveness in the BMW X5. Dinan offers a range of ceramic and metal boots, casters and drums for every BMW X5 braking system. Adding a new set of brake calipers to the drums or boots makes the BMW X5 a driving machine.


In addition to brakes, there is very little that instantly improves performance like a new suspension system. Adding new shocks and independent air-influenced adjusters means the X5 is equipped to react to any driving condition, on or off road. Dinan offers a full upgrade to the BMW X5 for each of the years and models. This is one of the more expensive options for upgrades because it is a full system upgrade. Once installed though, the BMW has a range of suspension going from slick asphalt to snow, ice, sand, mud, and crud. The new suspension system also reacts independently on each tire, allowing the BMW custom arrangements for your driving pleasure. The kits work with the existing chip and motherboard and meshes and integrate into the BMW X5’s iDrive system. Use the dial and knob to set the suspensions travel, lift and rebound. You notice an instant performance improvement when the Dinan suspension system is installed.


All of the Dinan parts work best when combined with performance tires for the designated driving needs. A good set of rubber often spells the difference between a fun white-knuckle driving experience and a frightening “I may die” driving experience. It is always great to get the performance part upgrades, but they are moot if they are not accompanied by a set of good tires for the designated purpose or region.

Dinan’s parts and upgrades are warranted and among the best on the market. Retrofit your X5 to make it yours and yours alone. Stand out, stand above and customize for the performance you dream of.


Jonathon Blocker is familiar with BMW parts that add great performance to your car, such BMW X5 and M3. Jon searches online for Dinan cars for quality services at an affordable price.