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Throughout the UK, there are numerous options available for choosing the proper gas and electric provider and often choosing the right one if often the most difficult. The consumer needs to choose the proper provider, the price point, the plan, their monthly usage, and the reliability of the gas and electric provider. With Gas and Electricity providers, these are essential utilities and must be relied upon by households throughout the UK. The gas and electric companies throughout the UK offer various plans, prices, and service options, and often depending upon where you live and how much of the utilities are consumed can offer savings to you depending on various factors.

The largest provider throughout the UK and probably the most well known name is British Gas, as its the biggest and largest in the country. It is hard to go anywhere throughout the country and not recognize the name or know its products as most of the citizens in the UK are probably using it or have used it depending on where they have lived. It merged with British Gas plc in 1997 and operates under various names through the UK. British Gas has the highest customer ratings in the UK for the gas and electric utilities in the UK as well.

A close second to British Gas is EDF Energy and is considered one of the “Big Six” providers of gas and electricity in the UK. The company has been in existence since 2003 since they were grouped with French energy company (EDF Group), and continues to have some of the highest customer satisfaction ratings for companies in the UK.

The third but certainly not the company that lacks any name power in the UK is Scottishpower. As a company, Scottishpower provides gas and electricity to over 5 million homes in the country. In 1990, Scottishpower was formed and continues to operate its own company and as well as one of the largest distribution companies of gas and electricity in the UK.

E.On is easily one of the largest gas and electricity suppliers in the UK and manages to have the highest customer satisfaction ratings for any company in the UK, whom offers gas and electricity utilities in the UK. In existence since 1990, E.On was known as Powergen and was assumed by the German energy corporation E.ON in early 2002. With a current 64% customer satisfaction rating, it is easy to see why customers enjoy using E.ON’s services and why the name is known throughout the UK for its customer service and satisfaction.

With these top four companies mentioned, it is easy to see the selection of companies available in the UK for gas and electricity options for households and homes. With varying companies offering different plans, prices, and service options, these top four companies can offer homes a wide variety of top service and includes top customer service and satisfaction as well. Choose your company and use our free tool for the best pricing for gas and electricity services for you.

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