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High-Tech Interiors Transform Cars

There are lots of incredibly cool things with which to change the way you and other people see your custom car from the outside. Between installed accessories, bright paints, decals, Saleen wheels and so on, there are tremendous opportunities to stand out from the crowd and look terrifically cool.

The only problem is most of your really remarkable options stay on the outside of the car, and you don’t really get the aesthetic of prideful benefit of them while you’re driving.

That’s not as much the case now as it was in the recent past, or at least it won’t be for long. As technology evolves and consumer demands shift, interior alternatives for your customized car are starting to stretch way beyond upholstery. Interiors are becoming increasingly characterized by high-tech interface and accessories, as well as other alternatives that welcome personalization.

Market Demands

Young consumers are especially connected to their personal communication devices, and design trends are moving in favor of allowing these to interface in extraordinary ways with the individual’s car. A Mustang car developed not long ago in partnership with Microsoft allowed a person start the car with a mobile phone and also use it control other technological features and connect to cameras installed in the car.

Hand-in-hand with this goes a rising tide of consumer demand for more entertainment integrated into modern vehicles, a trend which started long ago with the emergence of DVD players for children in the back seats of SUVs, and which has morphed into concept cars that double as roving video game platforms.

In the Meantime …

Presently available cars may not allow remote access and a wide range of entertaining frills, but in the meantime their displays and convenience features are very noticeably high tech than they were even just a few years ago.  Even modern digital displays, talking GPS systems, and other features that have come to appear commonplace probably would have looked like science fiction a decade ago.

The direction this is all heading is a realm of even more advanced science fiction-made-fact. Among the possibilities for which the requisite technology already exists or is in development, we might soon expect to see digital heads-up displays right on the windscreen, which could essentially eliminate the need for a dashboard, as well as allowing for different displays and options for driver and passenger. The same kind of interface could connect with GPS and generate “augmented reality” that provides the driver with helpful visual cues.

The Final Shift?

And as long as technologically enhanced cars are being helpful, why bother with the need for a driver at all?  Google and other tech pioneers have run extensive tests with driverless cars, which may even become legal in several states very soon. It’s just as well that the cars take over the driving, since there will be so many other things in your car to occupy your attention.

Much as the Upholstery and Saleen wheels beautifully enhanced your vehicle’s appearance in the past, the high-tech interiors of the future promise to make it an even cooler reflection of your personality. The only trouble is with all the dazzling features and the diminished need for driver control, you might forget it’s a car and not a traveling entertainment center.

Guest Author : This guest post contributed by Michelle, a motorhead who loves customizing the interior of her car with cool upholstery, technology, and custom shifters.