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Television commercials, radio spots and billboards have been used for decades to drive auto sales. Traditional advertising, however, is no longer the most cost effective way to generate the best auto leads for your business. Instead, savvy auto dealers are turning to companies with access to national databases that provide the best customer and prospect data available.

The Importance of Updated Sales Information

The old adage, “Time is Money” is even truer in today’s business climate than it was just a few decades ago. Salespeople who are merely “cold calling” at random are wasting significant amounts of time and money. Instead, a targeted list of auto leads provides potential buyers who are not only interested in buying a car but are also at the right stage in the buying cycle. In short, targeted lists with pre-qualified buyers provide the opportunity for more sales conversion in less time and also aggravate a lot fewer potential customers.

Getting the Most from Your Customer Data

One of the greatest assets a business has is its own list of past and present customers. The advent of the Internet has opened up a whole range of possible marketing techniques that the prudent business owner or manager should use to leverage the information in that database.

Data analytics can yield significant results when applied to properly managed customer data. Subsequent techniques such as phone and email appends as well as reverse appends can mean the difference between finding the right buyer and the usual “shotgun” approach. Results are demonstrably higher and at much lessened cost per customer.

How It Works

The information in your database is obviously focused on your customers. Most auto dealers are too consumed with running their core business to spend the time necessary to regularly update their customer database. Thus, their data does not always give a complete picture of the customer’s present situation.

Combining your information, however, with the info contained in a continually updated, national database can produce exceptional selling opportunities. These information sources, whether readily available or obtained in a proprietary manner, will increase the efficiency of any regular mail, email or telemarketing campaign.

The Bottom Line

Almost everyone is the market for a car. The key to successful selling is identifying the customer’s most likely to buy at that moment. The use of information and database analytics to determine a customer’s particular situation lies at the root of generating successful auto leads.

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