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As fuel prices continue to rise, many drivers are looking into ways to make their engine go the extra mile. Fuel prices are crippling and there is a rising demand for cars to offer higher performance that doesn’t drain the fuel tank.

The heightened awareness surrounding fuel economy is leading more drivers to weigh up their options and explore the benefits of a tuning device chip to improve the performance of their car.

The diesel tuning device chip has attracted attention because it’s such an easy addition to a car and can be installed by the driver themselves, which avoids labour costs and waiting times. Car owners can simply plug it in to the engine’s existing wiring structure and go, enjoying improved fuel economy and acceleration as well as 40% more power and torque and 20% increased MPG.

A diesel tuning chip connects to a car’s fuel injection system and works in parallel with the engine’s control unit. It works to adjust and streamline the engine’s fuel injection parameters including timing, pressure and quantity of fuel added – all working to improve the engine’s overall performance.

So why do engines benefit from dieseling chip tuning? Many modern diesel engines run underpowered and are typically very generous, often leaving room for improvement. The diesel tuning chip means a car is capable of carrying out tasks more easily and has to work less hard to achieve a higher performance.

Diesel tuning can increase a cars economical impact. By slightly increasing the pressure at which fuel is injected, it makes better use of all the air available and therefore increases both power and torque. This allows the engine to work more efficiently, using less throttle for the same conditions.

The diesel tuning chip is often compared against a full ECU remap, but is much cheaper and easy to install and remove. It is also just as effective, with results just an impressive. Not to mention, it can also be moved from car to car, avoiding repeated charges if you change vehicles. The tuning chip will also not void a car’s warranty, unlike a remap.

For those looking for increased performance in their diesel engine, dieseling tuning is a small investment that saves hundreds in the long run. Fuel prices show no sign of dropping and it’s important to save every possible drop. Who doesn’t want to get the best possible result from their engine?

TDI Tuning is an Essex-based company that offers quality diesel tuning boxes and other diesel tuning products.