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Do you have an unsightly scratch or scuff on your vehicle? If so, why haven’t you attended to it yet? Is it solely because of the costs of repairing it? If you are concerned that covering up that unwanted, unattractive scratch on your car will be expensive, your worries are valid. If you take your car to an auto body repair shop, you do run the risk of spending a great deal more than you anticipated. But if you’re looking for a more economical way to repair cosmetic damage to your vehicle, you can easily handle any quick paint fix on your own.

A do-it-yourself fix may sound daunting to people, but there’s no need to shrink away in fear. You should, of course, seek out professionals if there is serious denting or more complicated body work involved. But most people may not realize that when you’re only looking to cover up a small scratch, there’s really no need to take your car to a garage. If you knew just how simple it is to mend that scratch or touch up chipped-away paint, you would reconsider taking your car to the pros.

This sweet and simple guide can give you an overview of just how you can cover that ugly scratch:

  • First, gather what you will need: a cloth, a piece of low-grade sandpaper, automotive cleaner, wax and your paint of choice. Just find your car’s color code, usually located somewhere on the body or in the owner’s manual, and match it to a paint color. If you are using a liquid paint, be sure to pick up a thin, reliable brush, too. If you would prefer, paint pens and spray paints are also available. You may also need a primer.
  • Now that you have everything you’ll need, be sure to wipe down the damaged area. Lightly sand the spot to clear it of any residue and chipping paint. Once more, thoroughly clean the area and prepare to paint. If you are using a primer coat, apply now.
  • Once the primer coat is dry, your car is ready for its first coat of new paint. With a steady hand, fill the scratch in a single stroke. Let the area dry and apply additional coats as needed.
  • After you have painted over the area and are satisfied with the color, clean it once more. Complete your work with a wax finish and your car will look practically brand new.

Now that you know just how simple it is to mend any scratches on your vehicle, you may wonder why you haven’t taken care of it sooner. Even after you’ve purchased car touch up paint and all the other necessary supplies, you will only pay a fraction of what you would have if you had gone to a professional auto body repair shop. A DIY fix not only saves you money, but it can also save you time, allowing you to take care of cosmetic fixes without having to leave your vehicle at a garage all afternoon.

Daisy, a car owner, is still not what you would call a “car person.” So when her vehicle was scratched, she thought she’d need to take it to the body shop to get patched up. However, she discovered the easy steps above to repainting the car herself, and was pleased with the results. She believes almost anyone can take on this DIY project, and encourages them to try.