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If you’re planning on being in the market for a car in the next couple years, it’s smart to start thinking about what kind of vehicle you’d like to purchase. There is going to be a lot of attention paid to hybrid cars but some car manufacturers are taking things a step further and will begin introducing hydrogen fuel celled cars as soon as 2015 while they are already available in some areas in Europe. Before you head down to the NJ car dealers in your area, make sure you know what they entail and if you’re interested in getting one.

What Is A Hydrogen Fuel Celled Car?

Let’s start with the most basic questionwhat is it and what makes it different/better? Long story short, these cars convert hydrogen into fuel rather than using gasoline. A fuel cell will convert hydrogen and oxygen into water, which generates power in your car’s electric motor.

What Are The Benefits?

A vehicle that runs on fuel cells will run for approximately five times as long than an electric car that runs on a battery. It only takes a few minutes to fill your tank with hydrogen, compared to the hours it currently takes to recharge an electric car’s battery. The refueling time would basically be the same as refueling our car at the gas station and it would run for much longer and with much less pollution and waste.

What Are The Downsides?

First and foremost, these cars are going to be cost prohibitive. Some are putting early price tags on these initial models around $88,000. Considering these are not SUVs but mid-size and compact vehicles, that’s a lot of money.

There is also the fear that many have about electric cars, that they will find themselves out of power and nowhere near a recharging station.

What Cars Should I Look Out For?

Right now you can only look forward to concepts but one day soon, NJ car dealers will have some of these hydrogen fuel celled cars available on their lots.

  • Honda FCX Clarity – At some point in the next few years, Honda will run a test in Southern California by selling the Clarity, which will get 74 MPG, exclusively there. It will be the first time American customers will be able to purchase fuel cell cars direct from a dealer.
  • Chevrolet Equinox Fuel Cell – Only a hundred Chevy Equinoxes have actually been tested so far. It gets 43 MPG and will offer those who want an SUV option the chance to get that.
  • BMW Hydrogen 7 – This line is basically a 7 Series sedan with a V-12 engine. The big difference is that instead of gas, it burns subzero liquid hydrogen. No word on the MPG or when it will become available.

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