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As if learning to drive these days wasn’t expensive enough, new drivers then have to find an affordable car and what is even more difficult, affordable car insurance. The cost of car insurance is based upon statistics that show young drivers are more likely to be involved in an accident than a middle aged driver, meaning that they are going to prove to be a greater liability to the insurer, which means that insurance premiums for younger drivers are more expensive. Despite this there are some things that you can do to keep the price as low as possible, one of the most important of which is buying the right car. You may feel as though you are the world’s safest driver and can hope with a flashy car unfortunately your insurer will not feel the same way.

Stay Away from Sports Cars

Though you might feel that you are now a fully fledged member of the fast and furious racing club, the faster the car you buy the more you are going to have to pay to get insured to drive it. Those same statistics that show young drivers are often involved in accidents also show that the faster the car the more likely an accident is to occur. So you could be the safest driver on the road, but if you are young and if you have a fast car you will still be paying over the odds for your insurance cover.

Choose a Safe Car

When you are out shopping for your first car make sure that you go for a make of car that has a good overall safety record, one that is fitted out with plenty of safety features. If you are not sure about which cars are regarded as being the safest and the more cost effective to insure check out some car profiles online and check out a few reviews.

Smaller Doesn’t Mean Safer

While you may believe that a smaller car will be more economical to run and cheaper to insure you would be wrong. Another look at those statistics and insurers can see that small cars are the kinds of cars that are involved in most of the accidents that happen on today’s roads. The theory behind this is that because people a driving a smaller car they feel they are more able to zip in and out of traffic, which they then proceed to do and consequently end up crashing their cars.

Think Practically

Ultimately the most cost effective cars to ensure are basically run of the mill family cars. While they may not be the most exciting cars to drive, or give you the image that you were hoping for, they will allow you to be able to afford to run the car and be able to afford the insurance to be able to drive it. Even if you only hold on to the car until you pass the point at which you fall into a lower insurance bracket before you can sell it on and get a car more suited to your personality.

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