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Watching a fleet of cars explode at the slightest impact is part of the experience with Hollywood movies and you’ve probably found yourself shouting “Why….why?!” as they blow up that beautiful black mustang in a car chase or destroy 50 cars in a 3 minute reel. That’s why we made a list of how many cars have been scrapped by these crazy vehicle destroying maniacs so that we can hunt them down and maybe grab a car before it gets destroyed. If they’re willing to blow up that many great rides then you can bet they had some impressive car insurance quotes.


We hope you enjoyed the infographic, we’re on our way to stop the nut job who destroyed all those cars in a “Good Day to Die Hard” and maybe grab a mustang on our way out…since they have so many cars to spare.

Ruan Smit enjoys sitting back in his recliner and watching movies back to back, that’s probably why he has a tendency to pick up the interesting facts and nuances of movies he watches.