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So you finally did it, after months of driving lessons with that “L” plate stuck on your bonnet, you passed the test and are now a fully fledged road user. First of all congratulations, it took me three attempts despite supplying my instructor with countless cigarettes.

Second of all, welcome to having no money to waste going to pubs with your friends. You now have your first money eating responsibility. You now have to spend your money on something that you would rather not, except have no real choice.

This is unless you have managed to convince your mother and father to pay for everything from buying your first car, to insuring and paying the extortionate petrol prices. You will be in the fortunate yet small minority if you are.

If you are one of the ones in the majority however, you may have managed to save up just enough money to buy yourself some poor excuse of a car for just over a grand that will now cost you an arm and a leg to run. Then there are the alloy wheels you dream about, that banging sound system and bucket seats.

Your New Career as a Taxi Driver!

Along with the costs you now have with from being a new driver such as the petrol that costs a fortune to simply drive to a friend just five miles away, the insurance premiums that come with being a first time driver, you are now being asked to pick your friends up or to take your mother to the supermarket.

This is one of my first memories of passing my test, suddenly I became a chauffeur. My student friends who barely had enough money to pay for a bus fare were begging me for trips here there and everywhere. I eventually learnt to say no though, just like I am sure you will too.

Unfortunately this is what comes with being the cool kid with a car; you are now an asset to everyone. Do not worry though, this does not last forever, especially once your friends start passing their tests too. Do what I did and get them back once they do, let them feel the pain of receiving no petrol money for their favours.

Seriously Though!

All joking aside though, even though it can be expensive being a first time driver it certainly won’t last forever. This is especially the case if you drive carefully and avoid having any accidents, your insurance will go down year on year depending on the fact you do not do anything stupid.

Even in the first instance, your insurance does not have to be as high as you think it might be. There really is no need getting fully comprehensive cover if your car is only worth a small amount. You will also find that the insurance market is extremely competitive and all of the insurance providers will be fighting for you custom.

So if you look around and get quotes from as many as you can, you will soon see that there is an opportunity to save some money.

With petrol there is not too much you can do to be honest, just insist that your friends help you out if they need to go somewhere. Driving conservatively will also save on the fuel, whilst buying a more economical car can save you a bit of cash.

Driving though is great for your independence and is something that most people will have to do at some point in their lives, so simply take it on the chin and enjoy it for what it is.

The first thing you should do once you have that shiny new (or old) car is phone around some insurance companies, so have a good look around to find numbers such as the direct line car insurance phone number.