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Several years ago, the web hosting company GoDaddy hired racecar driver Danica Patrick for their Super Bowl ad, and that commercial sparked a whole new perspective – that driving fast isn’t just for men! Combined with the fact that over half of all car purchasers are women – reports that women buy 65% of new cars – that’s not the only change taking place with women and cars today. It looks like the old saw about sports cars attracting women now takes on an entirely new meaning: what they are attracting is women buyers.

All of this is creating lively debates on car forums ensue about how many women do buy them, and whether or not they are buying more traditionally “male” muscle cars like Corvettes. (The answer? Not nearly as much as men, but yes, more are buying them, as “More Women Buying Sports Cars” notes.) And while it is true that women still gravitate towards more practical and fuel-efficient cars,’s 2011 survey among Canadian car owners revealed the following:

  • The demand for Ford Mustangs from women went up 11.7% since 2010.
  • Female demand for Chevrolet Corvettes rose 14.3%.
  • Porsche brand reported that 1 in every 10 owners in Canada is a woman, which is up from prior years.

Why are women buying sports cars more frequently now? A lot of that has to do with the economy. In the period of the last few years, more men became unemployed or underemployed, while at the same time, more women retained jobs and reached larger numbers in upper management positions.

So who are these female sports car buyers? That group contains women at both ends of their professional lives. NBC News reported in “What do women want? A hot sports car will do” that as baby boomer women get more comfortable in their empty nest phase, they are trading out family vans for faster, smaller cars. And as more and more younger women become successful and financially secure, and give up or postpone the idea of having a family, they are purchasing faster cars for their own enjoyment. While that may represent the bulk of women buying sports cars, there is still the occasional love of a sweet Porsche by women with kids at home.

If women are buying sports cars, what is the most popular model? did a survey of auto purchases in 2011 which that showed while men gravitated towards more exotic brands like Ferrari, but the most popular brand with women was the MiniCooper and women preferred foreign brands to American overall.

One final note should be added. Research from in 2012 shows that women do more online research before going into buy a vehicle than men do and ask more questions of the dealer. They are more concerned with the quality of the car itself and the reliability and courtesy of the customer service care. So while men still take the lead on owning their share of sports cars, women end up with the better deal.

women and sports cars


Blogger Mandy Villanova enjoys writing about women’s issues, particularly in male-dominated areas. Her previous experience with Corvette parts retailer Volunteer Vette led to the research for this article. While the growth of women’s interest in sports cars is visible, there’s still a gender bias that Mandy hopes will be overcome in future generations.