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When you are visiting a new country you might only get to see one or two cities or even just the larger towns, but what about the rest the country? Many of us now take alternative holidays and don’t rely on the standard package deals of the 1970s. We have come to expect more from a holiday and as such need to see more and do more whilst on holiday than we ever have in the past. Long gone are the days of doing nothing but lying on a sunlounger whiling away the hours.

Adventure holiday and trekking holiday have surged in popularity over the last few years, as have city breaks, but the best experience can be had when you combine them both. How about a few days in the city of your choice and then the rest of the holiday touring around the country? It sounds appealing doesn’t it! And you can do this – if you use campervan hire.

The best way to see the less-trodden paths of the world is to holiday in a campervan or a motorhome. You can travel where you like, when you like and live and camp in your own vehicle.

Motorhome holidays give you a feeling of freedom which can’t be achieved by staying in a hotel or a villa. Even if you spend time outdoors whilst on holiday, it’ll be nothing like staying in a motorhome and travelling where the wind takes you.

Some of the other benefits of holidaying in a motorhome include:

o    Lower prices for your overall holiday stay
o    No nasty accommodation shocks
o    A huge choice of campgrounds
o    A great way to make new friends
o    No compliance to set itineraries
o    Choose a new place to visit whenever you wish

There are campervans and motorhomes which are available for anything between 2 and 8 people with the majority of people choosing to stay a couple of days at each venue before moving onto the next.

One of the best things about holidaying in a motorhome is planning your itinerary and choosing the places you are going to visit before your holiday even begins. You can venture off the beaten track and visit all those highlights you would otherwise miss whilst also being able to drive to the nearest city or town whenever you want.

There’s nothing like holidaying in a motorhome, that’s why thousands of people come back to this type of holiday year-on-year.

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