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We all dream of having that second car: that dream Porsche or Ferrari to cruise around in come the weekend.  With the global financial crisis still in full flow some people have been forced to put this on hold, yet there is a different angle you can take to the world’s problems.  As used car dealers struggle to sell those expensive luxury cars, they’re dropping their prices and making life easier for you.  So what better time to pick up a bargain and give yourself that perfect vehicular present.

Impractical Practicality

One of the great things about that second car is that it doesn’t have to be practical.  With your existing family saloon you’ve got your seats, miles per gallon and safety sorted.  Now you can concentrate on what you want, not what you need.  So figure out which impracticalities you want to have in that dream weekend car.

First things first, are you looking for something you can look good in or something you can feel good in?  Of course, there are plenty of options for both but while a Lotus Exige may be one of the best handling sports cars out there, it’s not exactly the car that’s going to get everyone’s jaw dropping.  Likewise, that Rolls Royce Phantom is going to get you plenty of attention but its bulk is better suited to a nice afternoon stroll than a brisk sprint.

You also want to make sure you get hold of a car that suits your personality.  Don’t get hold of a beautifully crafted Aston Martin when you’re personality just screams Muscle car.  Finding the balance is important in everything and a second car is as important as anything else: it’s going to set you back a fair whack anyway.

Where Are You?

Unlike that Vauxhall Corsa, a Lamborghini Diablo is not going to be found in this week’s local newspaper. Depending on the type of car you’re looking for, you’re going to have to look in a different place.  If you’ve decided that the smooth lines of the sixties are for you, then you should turn your attention to the classic car magazines that exist out there.  These magazines will often list you events and motor shows that you can attend.  At these shows will be owners who are looking to sell that fantastic Jaguar E-type or that to die for Aston Martin DB5.

For more modern super cars, there are independent websites you can turn to or alternatively there is often a good selection on Autotrader and the like.  Whether you’re looking for a Pontiac Firebird or a TVR Tuscan, you can find a great choice online but just remember these cars are not going to be cheap.

Expensive to Buy, Expensive to Replace

So, you’ve squirreled away all that money for your dream car.  What is the worst thing that could happen?  Well, now you’ve spent it all, you need to keep your pride and joy safe.  If it is an older car, then it’s likely that the lock system isn’t the most inventive, so make sure you get an alarm fitted.  One option is to make sure you lock that car up in your garage come night time.  If you’re living in a rougher area, perhaps keep it in your garage all the time.  Otherwise, generally keep a lookout when you’re out and about: park next to other expensive cars in the car park and make sure it is close to security cameras: if the worst happens and it is stolen, at least you’ll be able to tell who by.

While you’re also going to want to drive off into the sunset, shooting along as fast as your new super car can carry you, the law of the land is there for a reason.  If you want to drive at 150 mph, then take the car to the track: when you build up enough proficiency you can even take part in races with your pride and joy.

Lastly, if you do end up crashing your car, you need to make sure that you can get it fixed.  If you’ve gone for a classic car, this may prove harder than first imagined: parts may not be made anymore.  Make sure that you get the right insurance for your new second car.  You need to look into your options: third party insurance or motor traders insurance, whatever you choose, keep safe and enjoy it.