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The cost of motoring is increasing by the day. There are a never ending amount of media stories relating to fuel prices increasing, future fuel tax increasing and insurance premiums increasing thanks to un-insured drivers. The fact is motoring is expensive enough as it is! Tyres are actually a lot more expensive than many people consider. It is only when their vehicle goes for an MOT that they really realise how much they cost. There are ways to avoid high prices when it comes to tyres.

Premium Garages and MOT Stations

The most expensive place to get tyres is either at a premium/branded garage, or at an MOT station. They realise that consumers have come here through necessity and boy do they make those people pay for it. Even a small car, such as a Vauxhall Corsa, with budget brand tyres, is likely to cost in the region of £200.00, which doesn’t include wheel balancing. There are lots of garages cheaper, but there are many that are more expensive. It is worth being prepared and shopping around!

Tyre Specialists

Tyre specialists offer a great deal, even for those that are in a rush. The same set of tyres mentioned above would cost around £120-130, with wheel balancing at around £5.00 per wheel. Essentially, the consumer will have saved around 25% on their bill, but got their wheel balancing done for free. These tyre specialists deal in huge volumes of tyres, which mean they are able to get them in at extremely low rates. Unlike many of the larger branded garages, they actually pass on these savings to their customers.

Scrap Dealers

Scrap dealers might not be an obvious choice to most people. Take into account that every car that enters the yard of a scrap car dealer has a set of tyres on it. If they are worth anything, the dealer will put them to one side. This is a bit of a hit and miss scenario, but is certainly worth checking out. Sometimes they will only have tyres that are a couple of years old and at 50% wear but when newer cars come in, they regularly have nearly new tyres on offer. Typically, for the tyres mentioned above, a consumer would be looking at around £20 per part worn tyre, which makes around £80 per set (although they will usually give a discount for multiple tyres). Obviously this is a huge saving!

Getting the Best Deal

The obvious option is to put an order in with a scrap car dealer. Tell them the sizes that are needed and when they come in, they will inform the consumer. Of course, none of us plan our lives around tyres. It is worth visiting a scrap car dealer first, as they will be able to fit the tyres, as well as supply them at a great price. If they do not have the required tyres, try a tyre specialist and finally, only use a garage or MOT station if it is extremely urgent.

Motoring is expensive enough as it is. With fuel, car insurance and ongoing repairs, there is an inherent need to save as much as possible. Getting tyres from either a scrap car dealer or a tyre specialist is a great way to save in excess of 25% next time replacements are needed.

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