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When everybody questions why we have an irritating, arrogant driving instructor when we have driving lessons and our tests with a face you could punch for hours on end; the reason is because for our safety entirely. Remember however, that they’re only there through the learning process – you’re on your own once you acquire your license, and it can be scary now that that “irritating, arrogant driving instructor” isn’t holding your hand anymore.

The beauty of driving lessons is that although you paid for the lesson itself, you are in a car that you personally aren’t paying tax or insurance for. This allows you to concentrate more on the road (which, to be fair, you should be doing anyway) and it then allows your brain to accommodate more space for driving code malarkey.


Once you’ve past your test and finally own your license, and you wind up penniless paying for your first car (usually an old Ford) then you have to go on the prowl for a decent insurance policy. This in itself is a grim and insufferable process which leads to you paying through the nose for something that is basically a “just in case” policy and there clearly can’t be a human on this planet to never crash a car, right?

However, it’s a legal requirement to have a car on the road insured so get looking, you poor unfortunate soul, you have the sympathy of the entire nation.


In the light of the Jimmy Carr incident last year, tax has been a major topic and how much we should or how much we haven’t been paying. On the subject on motors, the amount of tax you pay on your car depends on engine size, fuel consumption and the amount of CO2 emissions your car will/can produce.

People do dispute that tax is pointless and that we pay what simply is a lot of money for a piece of paper that we put in our car window but at the end of the day it keeps us out of the prison cells. However, if you’re not careful you could end up in Accident and Emergency instead.

Keep the Foolish off the Road!

Nine times out of ten, to gain a license and to take to the road you need a certain amount of patience and knowledge of the Highway Code in order to stay behind the wheel of your vehicle safely. That being said, people who do not have a suitable knowledge should not be allowed to travel within the confinements of a vehicle. Why? Because we want to live, that’s why.

Unfortunately, if at the fault of the “foolish” or you have a lapse of concentration people do end up crashing their vehicles. It’s an experience that frustrates us at the worst of times and thoughts run our minds that can be classed as psychotic but it is part of life as a motorist.

These smug people who claim they’ve never crashed their car may be telling the truth but soon wind up very unpopular amongst many people who have.

Not the End of the Road…Unless You’re In a Cul-de-Sac.

Help is at hand for people who are looking out their window to see a Ford Focus with no bumper, bonnet and only three wheels. Dri- (sorry, don’t drive) but have your car towed to a cash-for-car place and you can convert your crash into cash. Companies that specialise in damaged cars are very happy to co-operate with you, help you put a smile on your face but ultimately – they don’t call you an idiot in the process.

Calvin Ford is a blogger who suggests that if you have had an accident and your car is damaged, there are ways you can still make money from your car by looking online at specialised cash for cars websites.