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The more you know about the facts of drink driving the less likely you are to get behind the wheel after you have had a drink. The facts are not pretty, in fact they are downright scary, but more people should be aware of them if we are ever going to eradicate the selfish drunk driver and the misery that he causes. The lives of hundreds of innocent people could be saved each year if those who drink and drive were made fully aware of the consequences that their actions could cause. Drivers need to understand the severity of driving under the influence of alcohol and how their actions can impact upon the lives of others.

Alcohol – The Facts

Some of these facts you may already be aware of but some of them may come as a shock.

  • Statistics show that one in three people will be involved in an accident due to the impaired driving skills of a drunk driver.
  • One in three thirteen year olds admits to drinking alcohol.
  • Those who start drinking when young are at least seven times more likely to be involved in an alcohol related driving incident.
  • Car accidents take the lives of more teenagers than any other cause of death and a third of these accidents are the result of drunk driving.
  • At least 6,000 individuals are killed each year because of teenage drinking, which is more than the number of deaths caused by any other drug.
  • More teenage boys than girls are likely to be killed as a result of drunk driving. High alcohol levels make it less likely for a driver or passenger to wear their seat belts. Almost 75% of teenage deaths were the result of the seat belt not being worn.
  • Students who drink alcohol regularly are five times more likely to drop out of higher education.
  • On average one person dies every hour in the UK as a result of an incident related to drunk driving.
  • On average a drunk driver will get behind the wheel at least eighty times before being caught.

You Are Not Immune

You may think that you will never get caught, or you may believe that you don’t drink enough to be over the limit. One drink can be enough to delay your reactions and impair your driving ability. You may think that you can drive home easily as it’s just ‘around the corner’, but what if you fail to see somebody on that corner? In one split second you could have changed the lives of a family forever. You could be driving along quite happily when a drunk driver drifts across a lane and into the side of your car pushing you off the road. You may drive carefully and be a conscientious driver but all it takes is one idiot with alcohol in his system to decide that he is going to drive home rather than take a taxi and your life could change forever. You are not immune to the actions of others.

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