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Stubborn motorists love sitting in the middle lane and to match their anti-social driving stance, we’ve come up with a number of vehicles to match.

Recently, the UK government broke news that those who drive in the middle lane will receive punishment and even fines for doing so. These new rules are there to prevent those who feel the centre of the road is the best place to sit, from sitting there and holding up traffic.

We’ve decided to offer those central lane sitters some advice on the perfect cars to fit their mind set. These are the top 5 large, awkward and cumbersome cars that provide a perfect slow moving, bollard like resistor in the centre of the motorway and are ideal for these selfish drivers.

Porsche Cayenne

The Porsche Cayenne is anything but small and it seems that drivers of the impressively sized jeeps often think a little more than enough of themselves. The Cayenne is understatedly a large car and sitting beside one doing 55mph in the middle lane is a little like sitting behind a circus tent.

Renault Twizy

In some respects, it’s not the Twizy’s fault as the car can only do a paltry 57mph. That’s not it’s only problem, the little Renault is also a bizarre little auto that will cause passers-by to balk, laugh, stare and scowl. So, only imagine the hassle you will cause by driving the little French auto in the middle lane at 57mph – a lot. The car also comes with no rear view mirrors and the lack of windows will ensure that anything venomous said at you is loud and clearly heard.

Honda Civic

A Honda Civic has a similar issue thanks to its preposterously tiny rear window, which thanks to its angular shape might as well just be a row of bricks. The car’s large wing also poses issues for visibility and means that the mirrors often are also of no use whatsoever. This is why there are often large queues forming behind the Civic and the driver (usually old) will be blissfully aware of anything going on behind them.

Hummer H2

The Hummer is one hell of an obnoxious vehicle and the car manages to come in at around 2 metres wide and just over three tonnes. It’s a mountain of an auto and also extremely inefficient in fuel terms. The sheer size of the vehicle means that if you wish to drive in the centre of the road at a slow speed and still irritate the fellow drivers even more than in any other car – this is the choice of auto for you.

Ariel Atom

The little Atom is one of those cars that if you’ve ever driven you understand the reason people would drive slowly in the middle lane in. The Atom is the least easy car in the world to drive and drivers spend more time fending off flies and being deafened by the rear placed engine to notice they’re driving in the centre lane.

Cormac Reynolds writes for a number of technology blogs and also is a lover of cars. He has often rented autos and considers himself an average driver.