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We all know what a pain it is to pay out for car insurance each month! Instead of premiums getting lower, you may find that your car insurance is going up! Even if you haven’t had a claim! This could be due to various reasons! Here are some tips to ensure that your car insurance is the lowest it possible can be!

Know What Your Insured For

You need to know what you are insured for! There are three different types of car insurance covers. The minimum level of cover is known as third party, this solely covers any damage to another person vehicle and passengers in your car. Third party fire and theft, has the same level of cover as third party insurance and also includes cover if your car is stolen or set on fire. Fully comprehensive is the largest type of car insurance cover, as well as covering damage to the other person’s vehicle. Your own car is also protected! Going for the option with the least cover is not always going to be the cheapest, so make sure that you get quotes for all the different types of cover.

Adding a Driver

If you are a young driver (Under 25) then a legal way to lower your car insurance is to add a second driver to your insurance policy. You should add a driver who has good driving experience over a long period of time, who doesn’t have any claims in the last 5 years. The second named driver does not necessarily need to drive the car regularly.

Choosing Your Car

Choose your car wisely, again especially if you are young driver. You should pick a car with a small engine (1.0-1.4). The smaller the engine of the car, the smaller the insurance quote is likely to be. You should also pick a basic car with no modifications.

If you believe you won’t be driving the car that regularly then you could also decide on personal car leasing. You can get extremely good deals on leasing cars for personal use which will include your car insurance. This way you also will not incur the extra costs of MOTs and tax.

One of the most important tips to give you on keeping your car insurance as low as possible is to drive carefully! Car insurance will most likely go down in price each year as long as you shop around! However, if you find yourself in an accident and claim on your insurance then your car insurance will increase dramatically!

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