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A great car is more than just a means of transportation. Your car is an extension of your personality and it should reflect your preferences and your tastes down to the last detail! A car that is fully customized with the latest in car accessories not only provides a more enjoyable driving experience, it also adds value to your vehicle. In addition, customizing your vehicle with these types of accessories will create a sense of pride in your ride that cannot be found elsewhere. So, without further ado, here are the top 10 car accessories, both interior and exterior, that you can use to customize and personalize your favorite vehicle!

Interior Accessories

1. Dash Kit

Starting off the list of Interior Accessories is a stylish new dash kit! Dash kits are the first thing you and your passengers see when entering your vehicle, so make sure that your dash is eye-catching! For a polished and classy look, try out a wood panel dash kit. High-gloss real wood veneers transform the inside of your car into a luxurious space.
Do you prefer a more modern look? Then try out a carbon fiber dash kit. These kits turn your console and instrument panel into a futuristic cyberscape of finesse and ergonomic design. Also, they’re available in all the most eye-popping colors from bright yellow to sleek silver.

2. Performance Chips and Programmers

Of course you love the feel of driving your car. But what if you could unlock your ride’s hidden potential? Well, that’s where performance chips come in. There are customized models for your particular make and model and they’ll fit your car like a glove. They monitor engine performance, turning radius, fuel efficiency and other data to fine-tune your car’s performance. Drive like the pros and grab a performance chip for your car.

3. Seat Covers

If you spend a lot of time driving, you know the value of a good seat cover. A quality seat cover provides comfort for long hauls. But who’s to say they can’t look good as well? Slap on a set of custom seat covers in the exact color to match the rest of your modified ride. Passersby will drool with envy.

4. Steering Wheels

Nothing says a stylish driving experience like a customized steering wheel. Selecting the right steering wheel features from an array of colors down to the comfort grips will bring a smile to your face each time you settle in for a drive. Perhaps no other accessory will get so much use, so why not make sure it’s up to the task?

5. Instrument Panels and Gauges

Light up the night with customized instrument panels and gauges. Choose backlighting for your speedometer that jives with the color of the trim and the seat covers. After all, it’s your eyes that have to stare at these panels every day, so why shouldn’t they be composed of colors that suit your style?

Exterior Accessories

6. Spoilers

Turn a sedan into a sportster and a coupe into a classic with the addition of a spoiler. These custom additions will make your car look like it’s flying down the highway even when it’s at a standstill!

7. Chrome Trim

Nothing screams “class” quite like some finely applied chrome trim. Not only does it add a glossy sheen to your car’s body, it also highlights any other custom body work or graphics you may want to apply!

8. Body Kits

Body kits have been in style for awhile now and have gotten more and more stunning with the passage of time. The “dropped” look still turns heads and no high-speed roadster would be complete without the factory-matched painted body kit that lends the ultimate in street cred.

9. Running Boards

For the truck aficionados out there, nothing says heavy-duty like a set of custom running boards. Much more than mere eye candy, these rugged running boards are treated to resist rust, oxidation, mud and any other muck you can throw at them. The slick appearance they provide is a sheer bonus.

10. License Plates

What’s the last thing someone sees as your hot rod tears off into the distance? That’s right, the license plate. With a customized license plate, you can give a shout-out to your favorite sports team, rep your alma mater or simply show your pride in your car manufacturer.

No matter what customized enhancement you choose, the customization process will take your driving experience to a whole new level.

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