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Only in the Hollywood film industry, there exists the greatest place to imagine, create and most importantly share an epically undeniable car accident scene. Not only am I gripping the arm rests in the theater with full adrenaline pumping as these cars are zipping around corners and the film artists are giving me impossible views to augment the true adrenaline rush. But, when the scene finally comes to a rest I realize I haven’t been breathing the entire time. I quickly dart my eyes with an amazingly epic smile smeared across my face ensuring that those beside me know, “That just happened!”

But, what is it really that makes these scenes so addictive and crucial to every action movie? I’m not saying that Transformers change into cars solely because now they can have car accident scenes, but it doesn’t hurt. Or, maybe we should look at the car chase scene as a prelude to the auto-explosion finale with the smug character walking away. Either way you choose to view it, a vehicle accident scene does wonders for any film. So, in tribute to these scenes I offer my top 5 collection of most epic accident scenes.

I always save the best for last, here we go…

#5 – Death Race

This movie gets the lowest on my list mainly because it was the whole movie. The scene did not create an epic climax where you could say “remember that car scene!” because you would be referring to the entire movie. It’s 5th of the list because if you are into car scenes and accidents, you’re bound to be thoroughly entertained.

The premise of this movie is a prison race where the prisoner who survives is rewarded with freedom. The jail warden has devised this race as a form of entertainment, gore and income. The prisoners work on their cars decking them out with speed, armor and most importantly fire power. The most vital part is the driver with the instincts to get around the track and survive to see another race. It’s epic – watch it!

#4 – Matrix: Matrix Reloaded

If you like action, you’ve seen The Matrix. If you claim you like action, and haven’t seen The Matrix claim another statement. So, let me set the scene for what is going on in this iconic freeway chase scene without going into the full beauty of The Matrix at this time. Not to sound urgent or anything, but there is one guy that can save the world, and there is one key maker who can give him access to save the world. Of course the Agents (bad guys) don’t want him to save the world, the bad are always happy in their own filth, if only someone could show them the light.

Ultimately, save the key maker save the world. Of course to add drama to drama the key maker is being driven down a congested freeway on a motorcycle, the least protected vehicle of them all. The scene turns, and before your brain can catch up with your eyes there are two semi’s heading straight for each other ending the life of the key-maker. It’s epic – watch it!

#3 – The Terminator

I’m not talking about Terminator 2, 3 or even Terminator Salvation, I’m talking about the original Terminator. Let it be well known as hard as it to differentiate Arnold Schwarzenegger from his façade as the governor, he is, and always will be The Terminator, a cyborg assassin sent from the future to kill one individual.

The scene that always gets me is when he hops on his motorcycle wearing his fashionable leather jacket pursuing Sarah Connor. Even though Sarah and Doyle continue to switch places driving the car and have multiple metal dynamite sticks that don’t phase the great terminator, or the motorcycle never gains speed on their pick-up truck it still is one of the most memorable car chases of its time. It’s epic – watch it!

#2 – Transformers: Dark Side of the Moon

Why did this get #2? Because not only are these vehicles transformers but they have the mobility and actions that we wish every vehicle had. No matter how hard the directors work to bring out how exhilarating being tossed into the air by a car while your car transforms into a robot to avoid a crash and then catches you back in the passenger seat as though nothing ever happened, it’s action at its best.

The particular scene I am talking about is when 3 Autobots are being chased by 3 black SUV’s which are Decepticons. As the transformers chase the Autobots down the freeway and their destruction is taking out every vehicle in their path with the urgency of Shia LeBeouf screams for Bumblebee to move faster. It’s epic – watch it!

#1 – Blues Brothers

Why does this deserve #1? Because, the Blues Brothers mixed comedy and car chases with style. Not to mention their iconic outfits, but the style of driving is what gets me every time. If there’s not a door the Blues Brothers knew you could always make one, and who needs to walk through a mall if you have a car?

The scene I love is the mall chase scene, when they are barraging through store wall after store wall commenting on the products available in each store. I can’t say enough how much this scene deserves #1 for so many reasons. Might I dare to say the others would not exist in such a spectacular light had it not been for this scene? No, that might be too bold a statement.

I know we all have our top 5 car chases and accident scenes that we will always proclaim the most iconic scene. There is no mistake that there is great beauty in a well thought out car chase which brings new theatrics and elements to the big screens near you. Alright, tell me what are your top 5?

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