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Just because you don’t own a Maserati or a Porsche doesn’t mean your car is safe from thieves. In fact, the most commonly targeted brand of car is a Honda, as they are long lasting and have high-quality accessories that can be sold. Don’t make the mistake of thinking that no one will attempt to steal your car. In fact, in the USA a car is stolen every 24 seconds! To keep your car safe, especially in questionable areas, read the four tips below.

Park in Populated Areas

Be conscious about where you choose to park. Don’t think that parking away from the main road hides your car from thieves. In reality, parking on a dark street that isn’t well populated could increase the risk of your car being stolen, as there are fewer people who could act as witnesses. If you’re not entirely comfortable leaving your car in a certain area, park in a well-lit and populated area.

Use Your Common Sense

Always lock your doors, always close your windows, always take your keys with you and never leave your car running. In a similar vein, hide any valuables under the seat or in the trunk. Failing to do any of these will only make your car easier to steal.

Install Theft-Prevention Devices

Installing theft-prevention devices can also keep your car secure. Devices such as a steering wheel lock, wheel locks and car-disabling locks for the ignition or fuel will make it harder for car thieves to steal your vehicle. In addition to these, have visual and audible devices that let car-thieves know your vehicle is protected. Audible alarms and even identification markers on the window can deter thieves. If it is easy to see that your car is protected, it is less likely to be an easy target.

Install a Tracking Device

If your car is stolen, having a tracking device installed will only help you. When you have reported that your car has been stolen, a signal will be emitted to police stations. Tracking devices are effective at recovering your vehicle. Keeping your car secure is your responsibility. No matter where you are, always be sure to lock your car and take your keys with you. The harder you make it for thieves to steal your car, the more secure your car will be. If you are wary of the areas you park in, you can always install several theft-prevention devices as well as a tracking device in case of an emergency. Drive safe and keep your car safe too!

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