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The thought of going on a road trip sounds exciting because you are going to places you have never been before. There will be many things to do and lots of people to meet along the way. This could be the trip of your life! As you are sure to recall all the great adventures you had with your buddies.

A great idea would be to have your friends chip up and you guys go to a used car sales lot and purchase a used car for the long road trip. This car from the used car sales lot will be your designated road trip vehicle for all your trips.

Careful planning and preparation is necessary to have a safe and enjoyable road trip. There are few things you should pay attention to before you leave home for the journey.

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Car Checklist

Preparing your car for the long road trip is essential and could actually mean the difference between having a great time or ending up miserable. It is safe to assume that you know a thing or two about checking your tires, car fluids, radiator and other stuff. Because this is what you will have to do in close detail to get your vehicle road worthy for your road trip.

Strategy For Preparing Your Car

It is a good idea to get expert advice, so pay your local auto shop a visit and let the mechanic know that you would like the braking system, the engine, the cooling system, the suspension, the air-conditioning system and other areas such as the battery thoroughly inspected. Also have the mechanic check for leaks.

The Importance Of Checking These Systems

Mechanical failure rarely happens suddenly, but rather it starts off small and because of neglect, the problem grows causing your car to malfunction. Having the mechanic inspect your tires will determine if they are good or needs to be replaced. Uneven wear of your tires suggest an alignment issue. Doing a simple wheel alignment could fix this problem, but an experienced mechanic will tell you that you might have a problem with ball joints or velocity joints. Rotate your tires if it is in good condition or change them if the tires are at least two years old.

Your engine is the heart of your vehicle, so ensure that the oil and filter is changed before you start your trip. It is highly recommended to also change your spark plug wires and spark-plugs. Check the alternator and change the engine belt. Find out how long you have had the battery for; if it is two years or older then pack a portable jump-start battery kit just in case. If the engine looks dry, then it is a good sign that there are no leaks. However, the hoses could be dry-rotting inside your engine so it is better to change it.

Your entire car should be looked over this closely to spot and correct any mechanical or electrical issues that could cause a break down. This kind of meticulous inspection and willingness to spend whatever cash you have, to bring your car up to par, is the difference between a trouble free car performance and standing at the side of the road in the middle of nowhere, stranded, waiting for someone to come rescue you.

Also, you may want to beef up your upholstery to be comfortable on your journey. An auto-upholster will pad up the areas of your car seat that has become worn.

Besides having a good working vehicle you will also have peace of mind and the freedom to better enjoy your road trip!

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