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When you’re trying to learn a new skill or skills, constantly needing to take breaks during the training isn’t ideal.

That may be particularly the case when you’re learning to drive. Having a lesson every few days or even every week just isn’t the ideal way to do it.  By the time the next lesson comes around you may find yourself spending the first part of it trying to remember what you’d learned the week previously.

As a result, your training may take longer overall and that might lead to extra and unfortunate expense.

There is another way – and that is to take a car intensive driving course.


These are typically anywhere between two and five days’ intensive tuition under the care of expert driving instructors. They can be tailored to meet your exact level of current driving ability – for example, there’s no point starting at square one if you are essentially a sound driver but have just had a close fail on your driving test. In those circumstances, you might just a need a day or so of brushing up on the essentials in order to prepare you to pass next time.

The benefits of this type of approach are clear – concentrated tuition geared up to your specific needs and a lot of time spent behind the steering wheel.

Of course, theory is also important.  Being able to control a car is fine but is only part of the story and might be next to useless if you’re not entirely familiar with the basic rules of the road. So, there is some paper-based work to do as well.

Some courses of this type are able to offer low-cost local accommodation so that you don’t have lengthy commutes from home to get there – and that’s also advantageous because it means you’ll be getting into the car fresh each morning rather than jaded after a long commute to get there.

Some companies providing these courses have even integrated their training with videos, showing the course to be driven in advance. It’s an innovative approach and might also help you have a picture of the area you’re driving in before you get there.

In the final analysis, these courses just might help prepare you that bit faster and that bit more thoroughly for your car driving test – and to help you to pass it once it arrives.

It might be a good idea to find out a little bit more.