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Of course, it always happens on the busiest day of the week when we just don’t have time for car trouble! When your car battery dies, there isn’t much you can do at the time to get it started unless you have another working vehicle and jump cables nearby (most people don’t). So here are some causes of why your car battery dies so you can prevent it happening in the first place.

Low Charge

If you don’t drive your car for a long period of time, you will find that your car battery charge will eventually slowly drain out.  This is why you should regularly take your car out for short journeys, or even turn on your ignition and leave it running for five minutes. For instance, if you are going away on holiday for a couple of weeks it is worthwhile getting a trusted family member or friend to just come up and start the car for you every few days or so.

Old Age

Like any normal battery, a car battery also has a limited life. Car batteries only usually last between three to five years when they are looked after properly. It may be possible that you can jump start the battery after it dies, but it is likely that the car battery will die again soon. If you find that your car battery keeps dying, then it is likely that you are going to have to replace it.

Leaving Electrics On

This is a very common cause of why car batteries are drained. Many people do not realise that by leaving the electrics on in the car whilst not driving it, can cause the battery to die. Try not to leave electrics on for too long whilst you are not driving the car (such as stereo, heater or lights). Also remember not to leave your lights on overnight.

Extreme Weather Conditions

It may be just the cause of bad weather conditions. In extreme coldness (ice and snow) you may find that your car battery drains overnight. There isn’t much you can do to prevent this from happening except when you get the opportunity, turn the car engine on so the battery can try and charge up, which will prevent it draining out.

Poor Maintenance

Not looking after your car properly can cause your battery to drain. You should always check that there is no rust around the car battery. You should regularly check the wiring around the battery, to check for any wear and tear and to ensure it is all connected properly.

You should take your car to a well-known and reliable MOT testing station regularly for MOT tests and car servicing which will prolong the life of your car.

Sean is a mechanic at the well-known and trusted garage which encourages regular car services and MOT tests, to ensure your car is always safe on the road.