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Are you passionate about Mazda6? Want to get hold of this car and make a strong statement on the road? Search for the top Mazda6 car dealer in your town and make everyone go crazy with its exclusivity. Now, what’s so trendy about the Mazda6? Let’s check out a few trendy aspects of this vehicle:


§ Sheet Metal Elegance – The design of the Mazda6 is created for transforming the ordinary sheet metal to embody the vitality of life. It exudes the power and elegance of a wild animal as if it is ready to pounce on its prey.

§ Enhanced Visibility – Everybody wants better visibility while driving and the Mazda6 perfectly excels in this regard. The vehicle is updated with the door mirrors to move part of the integrated turn signals to the front. Moreover, if the mirror width is reduced slightly, it becomes easier to steer through the narrow roads and the tight spots. In addition, high beam control helps you see better while driving at night. The system mechanically switches to low beams while detecting oncoming traffic and vehicle ahead.

§ Reinvented Wheel – Usually, a flashy and dynamic wheel lessens its functionality; however, the Mazda6 is designed by pushing the boundaries without any compromise on the performance of the wheel. Several designs were tested before reinventing the wheel of the Mazda 6. The engineers obsessed with the goal of presenting the subtlest technology for improving performance have spent around eight years for developing the subtle technology. Ultimately, the wheel is designed which looks beautiful, gives a strong performance and is also light in weight.

§ Progressive Design – Grand Touring models of the Mazda6 often come with a striking signature front grille lighting accent, which adds to the bold first impression of the car.

§ Peace & Comfort – If you want to get peace and comfort, the Mazda6 will be the perfect choice. The cabin of this car is designed for enveloping in sporty elegance with a large centre console as well as a sleek dash and instrument panel, matching the leather-trimmed sport seats. High grade leather seats provide you premium comfort.

§ Unique Engineering Technology – You can drive this vehicle without compromising the fuel efficiency. The unique engineering of SKYACTIV Technology offers better driving experience with a remarkable EPA estimated 35 highways MPG1. SKYACTIV engine can compress air-fuel mixture in cylinders to an extraordinary amount, squeezing more energy from every drop of fuel. You will enjoy an outstanding efficiency by enhancing your driving dynamics with reduced consumption of fuel and can conquer more miles uninterruptedly. SKYACTIV-Vehicle dynamics with G-Vectoring Control facilitates smooth as well as less fatiguing drive for yourself and your family. Moreover, the high efficient car movement control system operates in the background at the time of spirited driving. Besides, if you are cornering the car, the system works flawlessly by making an adjustment to power delivery, shifting the weight of the vehicle on initial turn-in and all the way through the corner. It’s true that the effect is subtle but gives you a good feel after a great drive.

§ Infotainment System – Mazda6 offers 2 infotainment systems providing information, entertainment as well as outside world connectivity. You must only make use of the multi-function Commander control on the centre console and complete touchscreen display for navigating the multitudes of functions quickly and intuitively.

§ Bose Surround Sound Audio – Your driving experience will remain incomplete if you comprise on your sense of hearing. To offer you an outstanding driving expertise, the Mazda6 ( comes with 11 speakers surround sound audio system, which delivers clear and detailed audio, letting you enjoy radio broadcast, CD, MP 3 device, satellite radio and more.

§ Traffic Sign Recognition – Mazda6 comes with Traffic Sign Recognition System 4 which helps you to read road signs like ‘speed limit’, ‘do not enter’ and ‘stop’ by making use of strategically mounted cameras. The information is then revealed in Active Driving Display in full colour to make you alert and informed without taking your eyes off the road. This removes distractions through the projection of critical driving information right in front of you. The innovative display deliberately placed in your field of view, right above the gauge cluster helps you process fast information by keeping eyes focused on the road ahead.

So, what are you waiting for? Take a smarter approach to drive in a better way by getting a Mazda6.