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For safety and security reasons, it’s really important to ensure that garage doors are working properly. A faulty door could suddenly crash, and this is very dangerous because it could collapse on a person or animal. As for security reasons, a gaping garage door or a door that won’t open or close immediately and properly will endanger your home and family. Burglars could easily sneak into your residence when there’s a foot-long opening, or pickpockets could victimize you if you spend too much time outdoors, trying to open or close your garage door. In addition to safety and security, having a door that’s working efficiently also makes many things pretty convenient. When it’s snowing or raining hard, you won’t have to get out of your car to open or close your garage door.

When your garage door is working properly, problems could be solved simply be realigning sensors, replacing dead or weak batteries, or maybe reprogramming remotes. There are times, however, when you won’t be able to solve troubles on your own. In some cases, you really shouldn’t attempt to fix your garage door because it’s dangerous to tinker with it. Here are some circumstances wherein you might really need a professional repairman’s help.

1. The door is very noisy when being opened or closed.

If you hear weird, loud or strange grating noises when you’re opening or closing your garage door, it may need a tune-up. Call the company that installed your door because they can readily identify the problem, and check and maintain your door. Remember, a garage door is a motorized unit with several moving parts that need to be maintained regularly to ensure that it stays safe and efficient. Also, a tune-up may be needed if doors don’t open or close fully.

2. The door vibrates or shakes when being moved.

When your garage door trembles as you open or close it, this means that a part or many parts may be damaged or worn. An expert could check if tracks need to be realigned. There could also be a problem with the roller bearings, pulleys, or garage door opener. A repairman will be able to tell you what’s causing the problem and fix it immediately.

3. The door is difficult to open or does not open.

There are two common types of garage doors. One type is the one that slides up, and the other goes up and over. The first type has torsion springs, while the other has tracks. If there are problems with garage door torsion springs or tracks, it’s best to call a qualified repairman. Do not ever attempt to force doors to open because parts could unravel or break loose, which is very dangerous.

4. The door falls when it is moved.

A garage door that falls when it’s released is unsafe. Don’t try to fix the problem because the door could fall on you or on others. Garage doors are pretty heavy. When a door freely falls, you can’t just catch or stop it. Here, the problem could be the extension springs. A professional should mend or replace damaged or worn springs.


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