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Cars are a routine part of modern life. We are surrounded by them. Most people own at least one car and their neighbours probably have two in their driveway. Owning an expensive car is a luxury and assuming you can afford to buy a top of the range sports car, it is a luxury that will probably make you very happy. But in some cases, owning a car can make you very unhappy. In fact a car could even make you sick—literally.

Expensive to Buy

One reason why a car might make you feel a little bit ill is the cost of buying it in the first place. To buy a decent car these days, you really need to spend a reasonable amount of money. There are always cheaper cars on offer, but in general terms you get what you pay for. If you pay peanuts for an old wreck, it is likely to cost you money in repair costs and within a year be unfit for the road. And if it’s in a truly dreadful condition, you may be stopped by the police and prosecuted for driving a car that isn’t in a roadworthy condition, which will really make you feel sick.

Cars Depreciate in Value

Imagine how upsetting it would be to spend ten thousand pounds on a brand new car, only to drive it away from the forecourt and realise your pride and joy has just dropped in value to the tune of at least four thousand pounds. Sadly this is the case each and every time you buy a new car. It is rather sickening that cars are such a terrible investment, but by purchasing a second hand car, you can minimise your losses.

Expensive to Run

Cars cost money to buy and the cost of fuel alone is enough to make most people feel pretty sick when they fill up at the pumps. Unfortunately, fuel costs are only the start of your woes. Insurance is astronomical, especially if you are a high risk driver. Road tax is another expense, as is the annual MOT and general maintenance costs. And if you are a terrible driver who is routinely zapped by speed cameras, the cost of running your car may go through the roof.

Motion Sickness is a Killer

For some people, cars quite literally make them sick. Motion sickness is a horrible affliction. When you suffer from motion sickness, you can’t stand being in a car for more than a few miles because within minutes you begin to feel nauseous. The longer you are in the car, meandering along, the worse the feeling gets, and if you are very unlucky, that burger you scoffed down three hours earlier soon makes a spectacular re-entry all over your boyfriend’s vinyl upholstery.

Clean That Car

There is one final reason why cars can make you sick. Not everyone washes their hands as often as they ought to. This means viruses and bacteria can be easily transmitted from person to person via hard surfaces. So if you take a ride in a taxi where the previous passenger had a nasty stomach bug and hadn’t washed their hands, you can soon look forward to a nasty dose of the same illness.

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