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No matter what you do to keep your vehicle in top shape, you will eventually need something repaired. It is inevitable with the normal wear and tear on a vehicle. When something does happen to your vehicle, you are going to be faced with a choice as to where to take it to be repaired. You can either take it to an unaccredited, local mechanic or to an accredited service center.

Sounds easy enough, but not for those people that do not know the difference between an unaccredited and accredited service center. In fact, there are quite a few differences.

Experience and Trust

Accredited service centers are certified by the manufacturer. They train the technicians in manufacturer standards. These factory trained technicians know more about the cars they service than Joe Smith at the local, unaccredited mechanic, and they are monitored closely by the manufacturer. With experience comes trust. If you know that the technicians working on your vehicle are well-trained, then you are more likely to trust them to fix your problem and not over-charge you for it. With an accredited service center, you can be sure that the technicians working on your car know what they are doing and that you will pay a fair price for the repair.


High-end vehicles are manufactured with complex, cutting edge technology. Service technicians working on these vehicles have to be extensively trained on how to work with the specific technology in these vehicles. The equipment at accredited service centers is also up-to-date technology that allows them to properly diagnose your vehicle. You can be absolutely certain that the factory trained technicians at an accredited service center will be trained extensively on how to work with the specific technology in your vehicle and have the proper technology in their center to repair your vehicle. Now, as far as Joe Smith at the local, unaccredited mechanic…he may or may not, and he may not be completely honest about his knowledge, experience, or equipment. I personally wouldn’t take the risk.

Warranty Coverage

Manufacturer warranties generally require that you go to an accredited service center. This to protect you and the manufacturer. The manufacturer wants to be certain that the technicians working on your vehicle are going to do the job correctly the first time. This is to save you some headache and money, and it is to save them any liability from faulty repairs.

Manufacturer warranties also require that any part that is replaced in the vehicle be replaced by authentic parts. Inauthentic parts may not be a good fit for your vehicle particularly the engine, which can then cause more trouble down the road. Manufacturers are confident that accredited service centers will abide by this rule to always use genuine parts. Again, this is to protect you and them.

So, when something happens to your vehicle (hopefully a very long time from now), your best bet is to take it to an accredited service center. They have the experience and trust, knowledge of cutting edge automotive technology, cutting edge technology in their center, and warranty coverage that you will be looking for.

Taking your vehicle to an unaccredited, local mechanic is like playing Russian roulette. If you wouldn’t play roulette with your life, then don’t play it with your vehicle’s life. Take your vehicle to an accredited service center.

If you are finished with non-accredited service mechanics and want authentic manufacturer parts for your vehicle, make sure you go to a licensed service centre, such as an accredited Toyota dealership for service in Perth.