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What is one of the biggest fears of car owners? Vandalism. Yes, vandals not only deface homes, commercial establishments or public areas; they could also ruin your shiny new automobile. Why do vandals deface other people’s properties? The most common reason why people vandalize properties is to express something. But so many other things drive people to do this irresponsible and criminal act. Some juveniles, for example, vandalize properties in order to get accepted into certain groups. Others do this for revenge, for a bet, or just for reckless fun. So, how do you ensure that at least your car is safer from these hooligans?

1. Choose a Safe Parking Space

Most of the time, you’d have to park in a place where no one can actually see your car at all times. To discourage vandals, opt for well-lit areas as light discourages would-be violators. Remember, the cloak of darkness is a wrongdoer’s friend. It will also be a good idea to tuck in wing mirrors. If a car has radio aerials, it’s best to hide these as well. All in all, keep or secure all car accessories that lure or tempt would-be vandals so that your vehicle won’t be vandalized. There are also paid parking lots that are pretty secure. Some are also equipped with security cameras and guards. So, if you have to, pay more for parking spaces with better security.

At home, make sure to lock your garage or secure your gate. If you have an open garage, park your car near a well-illuminated window so that you’ll be able to readily see vandals in case they attack. It will also be a good idea to use car covers.

2. Cover Your Car

If you park your car in an open garage, make sure to use a car cover. Car covers will hide accessories and the car’s interior. When vandals don’t see your vehicle or what’s inside it, they will not likely vandalize your automobile. In addition to this, car covers also help in shielding your vehicle from the rain, snow, dust and other environmental pollutants.

3. Install a Vehicle Video Recorder System

Nothing is more satisfying than catching a person in the act of vandalizing something and turning him over to the authorities. Usually, vandals get away with what they do because there is no evidence or there are no witnesses that prove that they did the crime. To improve your chances of nabbing culprits, have your car equipped with a vehicle video recorder system. This is like a security camera for your car which can record people and events even at night. When someone starts to mess with your car, the device will make a recording of the nasty deed. You can then bring the footage to the police when you file your report. This gives you and the authorities a better chance at catching the villains.

4. Set Up a Car Alarm

It’s really wise for you to have car alarms. This way, you’ll immediately know when someone is vandalizing or messing with your car. Since there are so many kinds of car alarms out there, it can be hard to choose one. If you don’t know what to get yet, ask friends and family about what brands of car alarms they recommend. You can also check the internet for client testimonials concerning car alarms. Have an expert set the alarm up for you to make sure that it’s done properly.


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