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Car customization is not something that is reserved for boy racers and muscle-car owners.  Today, more and more people are choosing to make their mark on their vehicles, making them stand out in the parking lot and adding a touch of personality to an off-the-lot car.  Here is a quick look at a few of the easiest and most affordable customization options that are available to car owners.

changing wheels

1.    Custom Wheels

The right set of custom wheels can completely change the look of your car.  You can choose from aluminium, chrome, or powder coated wheels in a range of styles. If you want something a little more flamboyant, consider adding locking lug nuts, custom colours, or spinners.

2.    A New Paint Job

If you’re bored with the look of your car, why not get it re-painted? Custom paint jobs don’t have to involve dragons, girls, skulls and flames. You could simply add stripes to your car, change the car’s colour or enhance the existing colour using candied paints, pearls or metallic sheens.  If you change the colour of your car, make sure you contact your insurance company and the relevant authorities so that they know that your car looks different now. It would be a bad idea to get stopped while driving a red car when your log book says it should be blue!

3.    Custom Number Plates

A set of cheap private number plates is a great, understated way to add a touch of your personality to your car. If your job dictates that you have to stick with sedate colours and a simply styled vehicle then investing in a number plate that spells your name, or mentions one of your favourite interests, is a good way to add your personal touch to your vehicle. You can find cherished number plates for sale online, and in most auto trading magazines.

4.    Performance Enhancements

If you drive a lot, then adding performance parts to your engine can make a world of difference to how much you enjoy your car. Improving the exhaust, cam shaft and carburettor can improve your mileage and horsepower.  This sort of customization is a great investment and one that will pay for itself many times over in improved performance and handling. However, if you’re not mechanically inclined, then you may need to pay a garage to sort out the parts for you, which could eat in to your budget significantly.

5.    Custom Lighting

Why hot have a little fun with some lighting tweaks. Replace the dashboard and instrument panel lights with a different colour (or a colour changing system, if you’re feeling really fancy), and customise the other interior lights so that they are softer and more appealing than the default white.  There are other custom lighting systems available, including light-up license plate systems and neon street glow, however these lights are not legal in all areas. If you plan to make major changes to your vehicle, it is a good idea to confirm that those modifications will not make the car illegal to run on the road in any countries where you routinely drive.

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