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This argument has been raging since a woman first got behind the wheel of the car. It is one battle of the sexes that never seems to end. The thing is there is plenty of supporting evidence for each side of the dispute so no one has ever come out as the clear winner. All it has served to do so far is to show that men are better at some aspects of driving and women are better at others. One area where this is a clear difference however is in the area of accidents and insurance claims. Whenever a sample study has been undertaken the results have always shown that when it comes to insurance claims women have the smallest claims financially which indicates that men have more and bigger accidents.

What the Statistics Show

What the statistics continue to show is that if you are a male under the age of twenty five you are more likely to be involved in a road traffic accident than your female counterpart. The insurance claim relating to said accident is also going to more expensive that a claim from a woman in the same age group. Male drivers also seem to incur greater consequences as a result of the accident such as penalty points on their licences, driving disqualifications and even imprisonment which would indicate that the accidents that they are involved in are much more serious than those of female drivers. The age of twenty five seems to be the cut off point for this though as for drivers over that age the statistics change; however male drivers still make the majority of insurance claims and receive a greater number of criminal convictions.

Behind the Statistics

Some of these statistics could be linked to the amount of lessons that the drivers took before they took to the roads alone. It was shown that the average male driver takes around 36 lessons before they apply for their test, whereas on average, women take 52 lessons. Looking at the driving tests themselves on average female drivers made 715,000 serious mistakes which lead to them failing their driving test, whereas the men made a staggering 950,000 serious mistakes, mistakes which could have resulted in serious injury or death as a result of bad or negligent driving.

Parking Skills

All of these statistics so far have appeared to show that women are the better drivers, however when it comes to parking the car things change. Men have long ridiculed women’s parking skills and to be honest they have a point. When it came to the reverse parking part of the test only 19,000 men failed their test on this point alone, compared to 41,000 women. The men failed mainly because of a failure to check their mirrors to ensure the safety of the manoeuvre, showing an overall lack of concentration on the task at hand, whereas women seem to have a problem with spatial awareness. However women overall were shown to be the most considerate drivers on the road.

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