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Driving is done so frequently in America, that it almost becomes a mundane part of our daily lives. Collectively, Americans drive over 3 trillion miles a year and because of this high mileage, auto accidents have been a leading cause of injury and death in the country.

Each year, thousands of lives are claimed in preventable auto accidents. Statistics from 2009 show that 10.8 million motor vehicle accidents occurred in the United States resulting in the deaths of 35,900 people. In the state of Texas alone, 3,071 people were killed in vehicle crashes during this year.

The most common causes of these  fatal crashes have been linked to excessive speeds, distracted driving, and alcohol-impaired drivers.

All of these reckless actions, make it more likely for a driver to cause an accident that may not only put their lives in danger, but the lives of everyone on the roadway in danger.

Infographic authored by the Austin car injury lawyers of the Law Offices of Vic Feazell, P.C.